Tesla Dog Mode explained

Tesla Dog Mode explained

The Tesla Dog Mode protects your dog in the Model Y and Model 3 by keeping the interior temperature constant and informing passersby that your dog is safe. In this article, you'll learn how Dog Mode works and how to activate it.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Tesla Dog Mode keeps the interior temperature constant
  • Passersby are informed via the screen that your dog is safe and comfortable
  • Dog Mode can be activated via the Tesla App, the climate menu in the vehicle, or by voice control.
  • Using Dog Mode consumes about 1-3% of the battery per hour, and the feature automatically deactivates when the battery charge drops below 20%.
  • All Tesla models have Dog Mode (except the 1st generation Roadster)

What is Tesla Dog Mode?

Tesla Dog Mode allows dog owners to leave their dogs in the car without worrying about their safety and comfort. Dog Mode keeps the interior temperature constant and displays a reassuring message on the display, informing passersby that the dog is well taken care of.

Thanks to this innovative feature, dog owners can now leave their dogs in the car, for example, while shopping, without fear of overheating or cold. The function is particularly useful on hot days when even a short stay in a heated car can be dangerous.

How Dog Mode Works

Tesla's Dog Mode is designed to keep the desired interior temperature constant, preventing your dog from overheating or freezing. Once Dog Mode is activated, the current interior temperature is displayed on the touchscreen to inform passersby that your dog is in a safe environment.

The air conditioning remains active, ensuring the interior temperature stays stable, even when the car is parked. This is especially important in situations where outside temperatures are extremely high or low. Dog Mode automatically deactivates when the battery level drops to 20%, ensuring the vehicle has enough energy to reach the next charging station.

Another practical feature is the ability to monitor Dog Mode via the interior camera. This camera can be accessed through the Tesla App, allowing you to check on your dog anytime, anywhere. This way, you always have peace of mind that your dog is doing well.

Activating Tesla Dog Mode

There are several ways to activate Dog Mode in your Tesla. This can be done via the Tesla App, the climate menu in the vehicle, or by voice control.

The following sections will detail these methods.

Via Tesla App

The Tesla App offers a convenient way to activate Dog Mode and monitor the interior. Simply go to Climate, scroll down, and find Dog Mode. You can check the interior temperature and the status of the air conditioning in real-time to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Activate Tesla Dog Mode via App

You can also access the interior camera from your smartphone and always check if your dog is okay.

In the Climate Menu in the Vehicle

Dog Mode can also be activated directly via the climate menu in the vehicle. Simply swipe up from the gray bar on the ‘Climate’ screen and select Dog Mode on the right side. Here you can also set the desired temperature.

Activate Tesla Dog Mode in Car

This method is particularly useful if you are already in the vehicle and want to quickly activate Dog Mode before leaving the car. If you lock the vehicle and see the Dog Mode message on the screen, you know that everything has been activated correctly.

By Voice Control

Another convenient way to activate Dog Mode is by voice control. Simply press the voice command button (right scroll wheel) and say "Activate Dog Mode". This function requires no additional setup.

Interior Camera in Tesla Dog Mode

While Dog Mode is active, you can use the interior camera of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. This camera can be accessed through the Tesla App, allowing you to check on your dog anytime.

To do this, open the Tesla App, and as long as Dog Mode is active, you will see the "Live Camera" option at the top. When you tap on it, you will see the live feed from the interior of your Tesla.

Tesla Models with Dog Mode

Tesla Dog Mode is available in all modern Tesla models, including Tesla Model 3, Model 3 Highland, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. All these vehicles allow climate control and access to the interior camera through the app. The only Tesla model we know of that does not have this feature is the original Tesla Roadster.

Tips for Using Dog Mode

To effectively use Dog Mode, make sure it is activated before you leave the vehicle. This ensures that your dog remains in a comfortably temperate interior.

Always keep an eye on the battery level of your Tesla. Dog Mode requires sufficient battery charge to operate the air conditioning. Note that Dog Mode automatically shuts off at 20% battery charge or less.

Tesla Dog Mode

We have already written an article about Tesla dog accessories. However, what is important on hot days and when using Dog Mode is the use of a sunshade for the glass roof to shield the sun and support cooling. This is also available for the Model 3 Highland. This Tesla accessory significantly reduces the power needed for cooling, as the heat does not enter the vehicle's interior through the large glass roof.

It is also advisable to regularly check the Tesla App to ensure the air conditioning is working properly and your dog is safe.

Battery Consumption in Dog Mode

Dog Mode consumes about 1-3% of the battery per hour, depending on the outside temperature. This means a fully charged Model 3 can operate Dog Mode for at least 50 hours before it shuts off.

It is still important to monitor the battery level, especially if you plan to leave your dog in the car for an extended period. If the battery charge drops below 20%, Dog Mode automatically turns off, so be cautious.

Consider these consumption values when planning your trips to ensure your dog is always in a safe and comfortable environment.

Origin of Tesla Dog Mode

Dog Mode was developed in response to several incidents in the US where Tesla windows were smashed to rescue dogs from overheated vehicles. These incidents highlighted the need for a solution to ensure dogs in parked cars remain safe and comfortable, even when the driver is absent.

Tesla responded quickly by releasing Dog Mode as a software update. This innovative solution not only addressed the problem but also increased dog owners' confidence in the safety of their Tesla vehicles. Today, Dog Mode, also known as “Dog Mode”, is an indispensable feature for many Tesla owners who like to have their dogs with them on the go.


Tesla Dog Mode provides a safe and comfortable solution for dog owners who need to leave their pets in the car. With features such as constant interior temperature, monitoring via the interior camera, and easy activation, Dog Mode ensures maximum comfort and safety.

Use this innovative feature to ensure your dog in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is always well taken care of, no matter how long you're away. Tesla has taken a big step towards pet safety and comfort with Dog Mode.

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