Tesla App - Ultimate Guide

Tesla App - Ultimate Guide

Since Tesla presented the two-seater roadster as a series electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery in 2008, the leading electric car manufacturer has equipped its cars with more and more remote control functions that are controlled via the Tesla smartphone app.

In addition to other functions, you can use your smartphone to unlock and start a Tesla, regulate the temperature or locate the vehicle.

The app works with all of the company's current vehicles, including the Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y. It also includes useful information like your car's current location and charge level, and can even alert you if someone is trying to break into your vehicle.

If you are a Tesla driver, you automatically get access to this Tesla app. Not only can this be used as a key, but there are numerous functions that make the Tesla app the best car app on the market.

In this article we would like to take a closer look at what the Tesla App can do and offer you a comprehensive overview of all the functionalities.


After we have answered these questions, we will show you all Tesla App functions.

  1. Tesla app home screen
  2. Quick selection buttons/hotkeys
  3. Vehicle
  4. Climate Controls
  5. Location
  6. Summon
  7. Time schedule
  8. Security
  9. Upgrades
  10. Service
  11. Vehicle info
  12. Account

What is the Tesla App?

What is the Tesla App

The Tesla App is Tesla's official smartphone app that allows every Model S, 3, X and Model Y owner to control their vehicle. It is free and available for both iOS and Android. Frequent software updates not only keep the Tesla app up to date, but also constantly add new functions.

How do I get an account for the Tesla App?

If you buy a Tesla, you will also have access to your Tesla account on the day of collection at the latest. With this account you can log into the app and see your vehicle directly in the overview. If you have several Teslas, you can switch between them by swiping.

How can I add more users to the Tesla App?

Every Tesla owner can add additional users for their Tesla via the app. This works very easily via Tesla Support. If you add another person to your Tesla, they can download the Tesla app and then use their smartphone as a key.

Important: If you add someone to your Tesla, the new user gets full access to your vehicle and can also see the location at any time. With the right settings, this person can also access the live camera feed of the outdoor cameras via sentry mode. However, the latter function can be turned off.

Tesla app home screen

The home screen of the Tesla Mobile App shows all important information. In the top left you can see the name you gave your Tesla, the current charge level in percent and the current mode of your vehicle, e.g. Parked. If the Tesla is driving while you open the app, you will see a driving animation and the current speed of your Model Y or 3.


Tesla app features overview

In the top right you have the option to add a profile picture of yourself and just below in the middle you can see your Tesla's avatar. The Tesla app is very detailed here. The right color and tires for your vehicle are also displayed here.

Below this figure are the 4 quick selection buttons - the so-called "hotkeys" that we will explain in the next section. Of course, we also go into detail about the individual menu items below.

Tip: There is a trick how to drag a 5th hotkey to the bar. We'll tell you how it works here .

Quick selection buttons/hotkeys

The quick selection buttons in the middle of the start screen allow you to trigger an action with one click. Here you are free to choose which hotkeys you want to have in the quick selection.

Quick selection buttons Tesla App


The choices are: light, horn, de-ice, start vehicle, open trunk, open frunk, turn on climate control, open charging port, sentry mode, summon, unlock driver's door, open window a bit. In addition, the lock for locking and unlocking your Tesla is always displayed on the far left.

To exchange the Tesla hotkeys you simply have to press and hold one of the hotkeys for 2 to 3 seconds, which will take you to a selection menu. Now you can move the desired functions up by swiping. If you click on Save, they will remain in the bar.


Directly below the hotkeys is the Vehicle menu. Here you can see your vehicle from above. This shows you graphically what you can do. You lock or unlock the vehicle by tapping on the lock symbol. Frunk, i.e. the front trunk and the rear trunk, can also be opened by tapping Open. The same applies to the charging flap at the rear left by pressing the lightning symbol.

Further down are quick slots, which you can use to operate the lights and horn, open the windows a little and start the vehicle. The "Start" function is useful when you're on the road and someone else has to move your Tesla because of bad weather, for example. You can then remotely open and start your Model S, 3, X, and Y.

In the top right corner there is a small symbol that allows you to see the air pressure in the tires. If you tap on it, the recommended tire pressure will also be displayed at the top.


Climate Tesla App


The "Climate" menu item shows why the Tesla app is the most advanced vehicle app on the market. In this menu item you can activate or deactivate all air conditioning and heating functions via app and also use steering wheel heating and all seat heating.

Not only can you set the temperature, you can also precondition your Tesla. It's nice and warm in winter when you get into your Model Y or 3 and pleasantly cool in summer.

De-ice vehicle

The ingenious Tesla modes are a little more hidden. Swiping up opens a menu that contains the "vehicle de-icing" mode. It's very useful in winter. As a result, you never have to scrape ice or clear snow off the vehicle again.

Camp Mode and Dog Mode

Then there are two more climate modes in the Tesla app: camp mode and dog mode. We have described the camp mode in more detail in a separate article. The dog mode ensures that your interior remains air-conditioned if you have to leave your dog while shopping in the Tesla, for example. Additionally, the screen will say "My owner will be right back. The interior is air-conditioned." So passers-by don't have to worry.

Interior overheating protection

Last but not least, there is the interior overheating protection in the climate menu. If this is switched on, the air conditioning is switched on automatically if the interior temperature exceeds 40°C.


The "Location" menu item in the Tesla app is a security feature that allows you to track your Tesla at any time. This is real-time data, there are no time delays here. Your vehicle is displayed as a red arrow, and you also see your current location as a blue dot.

If you are a little away from your Tesla, you can use the app to navigate directly to your car.


If your Tesla has the Enhanced Autopilot or the Full Self Driving software package, there is also a Summon menu item in the Tesla app. This allows you to use the app to drive your Tesla out of a tight parking space, for example, by standing next to the vehicle and pressing and holding the directional arrow.

The so-called Smart Summon mode is currently only available in the US. This allows you to have your Tesla come to you in a parking lot, for example at the supermarket. This is how your Model Y or 3 gets out of a parking spot and navigates through the parking lot to you. Handy if you want to stay dry in heavy rain, for example.

Time schedule

Tesla also demonstrates the strength of the Tesla app when it comes to the schedule feature. Here you can enter your departure time and your Tesla will then be automatically pre-air-conditioned at this time.

There is also the "additional tariff charging" function here. If you have the opportunity to charge at home and have an electricity tariff that offers cheaper electricity at off-peak times, such as late at night, you will really benefit from this. Because you can plug your Tesla into the wall box and it only starts charging when the electricity is pretty cheap. We have summarized more tips for charging Tesla at home in a separate article .


When it comes to safety, Tesla leads the way. Not only have all Tesla models achieved the world's best results in crash tests, but the protection against burglary and theft as well as protection against damage are market leaders.

Sentry mode

If you have activated the sentry mode in your Tesla and also ticked the Live camera feed box, you can use the Tesla app to see the live feed of the cameras around your vehicle. If someone damages your Tesla, a video will be saved to the USB stick in the glove compartment.

Valet mode

There are two other modes in the Security menu of the Tesla app. Valet mode restricts access to the glove box, limits maximum speed and, as the name suggests, is intended for valet parking. This is to avoid using your Tesla for a spin. We have summarized all features of this mode here.

Speed limit

The speed of your Tesla can also be limited. In the event of theft, you can not only track your Tesla, but also limit the maximum speed to 80km/h. That would make it easier to track a thief.


The Upgrades menu item in the Tesla App is a direct link to the Tesla Shop for accessories and software. Above all, this menu item can be used to buy higher autopilot versions, the premium connectivity or the speed boost.


Service Tesla app


The last menu item in the Tesla app is Service. There are not only video instructions and the manual here, but you can also book a service appointment with Tesla with just a few clicks. Tesla will then either send a Tesla Ranger over or you will be offered an appointment at a Tesla Service Center.

Vehicle info

At the bottom of the Tesla app you will find your vehicle information. Here you can see your vehicle model, the kilometers, the software version and the VIN number - i.e. the vehicle identification number.

If you ever want to remove a user or delete your user data when selling your Tesla, you can also do this by clicking on "Remove my access".


You can find all functions relating to your account at the top right. There you can manage your contact information, see an order history, past charging processes and what you paid for them, etc. You also have direct access to the shop here again, you can order additional vehicles or, for example, buy clothing from Tesla.

If you're in touch with Tesla's service team, you'll also see the messages in your inbox here. The loot box is where you find the Tesla referral program .

Last but not least, you can use this account menu to add new or additional Teslas if your fleet expands.


As you can see, the Tesla app offers you countless very cool functions and options that go far beyond what other manufacturers have to offer.

Our tip - take the time to explore the individual menu items yourself once you are the proud owner of your Tesla. It's just fun to see how advanced the Tesla app is.

Of course, if you want to learn more about your Tesla, we have more articles for you. But you don't just get guides from Tesla Outfitters, you also get Tesla accessories. So feel free to stop by the shop and support us so that we can continue to write helpful content for Tesla drivers.

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