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Tesla Outfitter Shop of the Year

Tesla Outfitters - how did the company come to life?

As a graduate engineer in the field of the Internet of Things, Tesla Outfitters founder Alex was fascinated by how Tesla managed to implement “First Principles Thinking” as a corporate culture and simply rethink technology.

The enthusiasm for the company and the products then led to him buying a Model 3 Long Range in June 2021. After the purchase, the first thing he did was order accessories for it. Alex was partly satisfied with the goods, but mostly not. All he thought was: this can be done better! And so Tesla Outfitters was born.

"Tesla Outfitters is designed to enable Tesla drivers to preserve, protect and personalize their vehicles in a way that will keep their Tesla enthusiasm for years to come."

Said and done. Tesla Outfitters was founded and now it was time to work on a proof of concept as quickly as possible. Alex bought goods for less than €1,000 and opened the online shop. His partner took over the marketing, he the business. The aim was to find out whether the concept would be accepted by the market.

After 3 weeks everything was sold out and it was clear: Tesla outfitters will now be expanded. And so the work began, a lot of time was spent selecting suppliers and testing product after product. It should be ensured that ultimately only high-quality Tesla accessories are offered in the shop.

Tesla outfitter beginnings

Tesla Outfitter is not a start-up that started in a garage. Instead, the company started in the basement. The packages were stacked to the ceiling and every single order was lovingly wrapped every day.

After a short time there was not a bit of space left in the basement and the first warehouse was rented. But even that quickly became too small. So another storage room was added and Tesla outfitters really needed it. Today the company works with warehouses at several locations and a central shipping warehouse. A lot has happened in the handling process and today everything is professionally packed and shipped.

Tesla outfitter first stock

Social media - how can we create added value?

At the same time, the social media presence tesla.ausstatter was launched on Instagram . Like other accessory shops, this channel also posted promotional content about products. But that wasn't enough for founder Alex. He wanted to offer the community more - create real added value.

And so he started filming tips for Tesla drivers in short videos under 1 minute. This helps Tesla drivers to get to know their Model Y and 3 better step by step. The community does not have to laboriously read the manual, but is taught all the knowledge step by step.

Now that the sense of social media presence was found, the Instagram community grew rapidly. A community of Tesla drivers with whom the Tesla Outfitters work together on projects, such as the article on Tesla foiling . In it, followers of the Tesla Accessories Shop proudly present their wrapped Teslas.

And that's what Tesla Outfitters want to build on. The aim is to continue to create as much added value as possible for the company's followers and to form a community that supports each other and with which you can work together on exciting projects.

S3XY CARS Community Meeting - the first public appearance

Tesla outfitter exhibition team

On June 30, 2022, Tesla outfitters made their first public appearance at the S3XY CARS Community Meeting in Hanover - the largest e-car meeting in the world. The Model 3 was the show vehicle and the Tesla Outfitters team had all the accessories with them.

Although the booth was much smaller than that of the big exhibitors like Jürs Lacker and Co., that didn't stop the team from inspiring the visitors. Because Tesla outfitters had the latest product with them: the smart Tesla Ring . The enthusiasm of the trade fair team for the products spilled over to the visitors and so many great conversations with the growing community ensued.

But not only the community grew, but also the network. Great new partners like Christoph Krachten were found, with whom we will work together in the future. The current book by the bestselling author has also been added directly to the shop and is available there.

Christoph Krachten with Alex from Tesla Ausstatter

Many great YouTubers from the Tesla community also came to visit the Tesla outfitter stand and made videos with the team.

What's next?

Protection accessories were the basis of the business for the Tesla Accessories Shop. After all, customers should get everything that will keep their Teslas in good condition for years to come. Organizers, iPad holders and other accessories that expand the functionality of Model 3 and Y are also the basis for the shop, which will be further expanded.

However, what Tesla outfitters will focus on more is Tesla accessories for families with children and dogs as well as camping accessories. The company is of course aware that the interior of Tesla is not exactly customizable. Therefore, products for customization are at the top of the list aswell. A whole series of new products will soon be presented here.

Of course, Managing Director Alex insists on developing smart products for Teslas. As a technology-loving engineer, there has to be more. The first product in this series was the Tesla Ring, which, like a key card, can open, close and drive Tesla Model Y and 3 and the new Model S and X. Further products are already being planned and prototypes are constantly being built and tested.

Tesla outfitter ring

So there will be a lot of new things coming soon and the enthusiasm of the Tesla Outfitters team for Tesla is still like on the first day. The company promises every customer that they will enjoy the products and that their Model 3 and Model Y will be well taken care of with Tesla Outfitters accessories. This is what founder Alex stands for with his name.

If you would like to get in touch with the Tesla Outfitters team or become a partner, please send an email to info@tesla-ausstatter.de Media and advertising inquiries are always welcome.