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The high-quality glass roof sun shade visor is specially developed for the Tesla Model Y. It fits perfectly and protects against solar radiation that enters the vehicle through the large glass roof. This keeps the heat outside and the driver, front passenger and especially children protected from direct sunlight.

Model Y glass roof sunshade: the advantages at a glance

The Model Y sun shade visor offers a whole range of advantages and should therefore not be missing in any Model Y. Especially in summer it is important to have this in the vehicle.

Protection against sun exposure

With the Tesla Model Y sunshade for the glass roof, you no longer have to worry about harmful UV radiation. The special material effectively blocks harmful sun rays and protects the interior of your Tesla Model Y from fading. This keeps your vehicle in great condition for longer and heats up a lot less.


The sun visor for the Model Y glass roof prevents prying eyes from outside and ensures that you can enjoy your drive in peace. Whether you're going camping or taking a relaxing drive with your family, our sunshades create the perfect atmosphere.


Our Tesla Model Y sunshade was not only designed for function and protection, but also for style. The elegant design fits seamlessly into the interior design of your Tesla Model Y and gives your vehicle an attractive look.

Versatility in every season

Our sun sunshade offers you a wide range of benefits all year round. In summer it keeps the heat out and protects against UV rays, while in winter it serves as extra insulation. You can keep your Tesla Model Y at a pleasant temperature at any time of the year and save energy at the same time. With our sun protection you are always optimally prepared.


Quality is very important to us. Therefore, the Model Y glass roof sun protection visor is also made of high-quality material that is designed for a long life. It is hard-wearing, tear-resistant and resistant to external influences such as sunlight and weather. You can be sure that our sun protection will provide you with reliable protection over a long period of time and that your investment is worth it.


Of course, our Model Y glass roof sunshade is easy to attach and remove. The convenient design allows for easy installation with no tools required. If you don't need the sun protection, you can simply fold it up and stow it away to save space. So you have full control over the solar radiation in your Tesla Model Y at all times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frank Beck

Produkt ist gut, war kein sonderlich großer Aufwand einzubauen und bleibt da auch an der Stelle. Denke ich werde es permanent drin lassen. Die Sonne knallt schon ganz schön rein durchs Glasdach.

Korbinian Seidler
Gutes Zubehör

Die Anbrindung ging recht flott und ich lasse den Sonnenschutz einfach eingebaut. Passform ist einwandfrei und es macht qualitativ einen hochwertigen Eindruck.

Jürgen Hartmann

Es wäre wirklich hilfsreich, wenn eine kurze Handling- und Bedienungsanleitung beiliegen würde. So hat man Angst etwas kaputt zu machen!!

Ich bin zufrieden

Passform gut, Qualität gut und war schnell da.

Einfach klasse

Ich finde den Sonnenschutz einfach klasse. Meine Kinder vertragen den Luftzug der Klimaanlage nicht so gut aber wenn im Sommer die Sonne scheint ist es schon wahnsinnig warm im Model Y. Der Sonnenschutz ist da wirklich eine große Hilfe. Jetzt reicht es, wenn ich mir vorne die Klimaanlage anmache und hinten ausmache. Das Produkt kann ich absolut empfehlen.