Tesla Charging Cost Calculator

Tesla Charging Costs


One of the first topics that always comes up when someone is interested in a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is the topic of charging costs. We are frequently asked "How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?"

Since this question is not so simple to answer, as the different Tesla models have different sized batteries, and in everyday use, usually between 20% and 80% of the battery is utilized, we have created a Tesla Charging Cost Calculator.

Further down, you can also calculate how much each model costs per 100km. Lastly, we also have a tool for you if you want to calculate the electricity cost of your next road trip.

Tesla Supercharger Charging Costs

Of course, we'd like to first give you some benchmarks so that you can find your way around here well, even if you don't own a Tesla yet. So let's start with what it costs to charge a Tesla at a Supercharger.

The Tesla charging costs at a Supercharger currently stand at about 45 cents/kWh depending on the time of day. This means it costs 27.90€ to charge a Tesla Model Y Long Range at a Supercharger from 0 to 100%.

More realistically, in everyday use, charging from 20% to 80%. The cost for the same vehicle is 16.74€. Thus, the costs per 100km are 7.60€ if you charge at the Supercharger for 0.45€/kWh.

Tesla Home Charging Costs

On the other hand, if you want to know what it costs to charge your Tesla at home, just use our calculator and enter your electricity price there. The current prices are at about 0.3€/kWh.

The Tesla charging costs at home are about 0.3€/kWh. The charging costs from 0-100% here are 18.60€. Thus, 100km costs 5.07€ for a Tesla Model Y Long Range.

Now you have received from us the benchmarks you can use for orientation. If you have different electricity rates or if the electricity costs in your country differ from our example, just enter them into our Tesla charging cost calculator and you will get your result.

Tesla Charging Cost Calculator

In this charging cost calculator, you simply select the Tesla model you are interested in, then you enter the price per kWh at which you can charge, and you will see how much it costs to charge your Tesla.

The price per kWh varies greatly and depends primarily on whether you charge at a Supercharger or at home with a Wallbox. If you don't know the prices, you can currently calculate with about 0.3 €/kWh for home charging and 0.46 €/kWh at the Supercharger.

Tesla Charging Costs:

Charging costs from 0% - 80%: - Euros

Charging costs 20% - 80%: - Euros

Charging costs from 0% - 100%: - Euros

Tesla Electricity Cost Calculator

If you now also want to find out what 100km with a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y costs, you can use our Tesla Electricity Cost Calculator. Here too, we have already stored the different models for you, so you only need to enter the current electricity price to get a result.

Cost per 100km:

- Euros

Tesla Travel Cost Calculator

Tesla Roadtrip Electricity Costs

For calculating the travel costs, we have a calculator for you as well. This way, you can check before a longer journey whether the costs for the car trip are cheaper than, for example, an alternative train journey. We use the average consumption of the respective Tesla model for this. This can vary depending on driving style.

Tesla Travel Costs:

Travel costs: - Euros

Data Basis

The data basis for these tools refers to the battery size of the respective model and the average consumption according to Tesla. We used the following data for this:

Model (As of 2023) Battery in kWh Consumption
Model 3 Standard Range 62 14.4
Model 3 Long Range 79 14.7
Model 3 Performance 79 16.5
Model Y Standard Range 62 15.7
Model Y Long Range 79 16.9
Model Y Performance 79 17.3