This is how you can protect your Tesla Model Y interior

This is how you can protect your Tesla Model Y interior

The Tesla Model Y is not just a fantastic car, but also a considerable investment. Therefore, it is naturally important to maintain its value for as long as possible. Crucial to this is protecting the Model Y as well as possible from the very beginning.

In this post, we will look at how exactly you can protect your Tesla Model Y and which areas are particularly susceptible to wear and tear.

We are Tesla Outfitters. As experts in Tesla accessories, we deal with the Tesla Model Y and other models on a daily basis. Therefore, we know exactly which areas of the vehicle are particularly affected by wear and tear and which products are needed to effectively protect the Tesla Model Y.

Areas Particularly Susceptible to Wear in the Interior

The interior of the Tesla Model Y is very sleek and simple. Most areas are covered in fabric, which looks nice but shows wear and tear quite quickly. Some areas are particularly vulnerable, and we will now look at those.

Footwell and Trunks

The Long Range and Performance models of the Tesla Model Y come with velour floor mats, whereas the Standard Range variant is delivered completely without floor mats. At first glance, this is less of a problem in good weather during the summer, but of course, we still have the wet and cold seasons here in Europe.

The best way to protect a Tesla Model Y in these conditions is probably to use all-weather rubber mats. These should be custom-fitted and especially high-quality to prevent dirt from getting underneath. In addition to protection, a great advantage of such rubber mats is their easy cleanability. A little water and a damp cloth are usually all that is needed to get the mats clean again.

Tesla Model Y Interior Wear

But it's not just against dirt that these Model Y rubber mats provide protection. They also protect against wear and tear of the fabric material, which can occur from shoe soles as well as from vacuuming. Especially in the trunk of the Tesla Model Y, signs of use appear quickly if no rubber mat is used. We can only recommend this.

Loading Sill

The loading sill at the trunk of the Tesla Model Y is made of quite soft plastic. Unfortunately, scratches and marks in the material, which no longer come out, can already be seen after just a few weeks. However, this area is heavily used in everyday life during loading and unloading, and therefore it should definitely be protected.

Tesla Model Y Loading Edge Protection

A loading edge protector provides a solution here. It is made of robust steel and is almost indestructible. It comes in a stylish carbon look and thus blends wonderfully into the design of the Model Y. So the Tesla Model Y loading edge protection is not just good protection against wear and tear, but also a nice visual upgrade.

Cup Holder

In the center of the center console in the Tesla Model Y, there are two cup holders, where probably most drivers use the space to store small items or, for example, their house key. However, this cup holder has a problem. The inside is made of soft plastic which scratches very easily. But here too, there is a product that can protect the material from wear and tear.

Scratched Tesla Model Y Cup Holder

If you want to avoid such scratches, you should get a cup holder rubber insert. It not only protects the cup holder in the center console but also provides better stability for smaller bottles or drink cans. If dirt accumulates, it can simply be removed and washed off.


If you want to prevent your Tesla Model Y from losing value unnecessarily quickly, you now know which accessories are best for protecting the interior from wear and tear. Of course, there are other areas in the vehicle that need protection as well.

That is why we at Tesla Outfitters are constantly working to expand our product range and offer sensible accessories for protecting the Tesla Model Y. You can find the products here.

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