Tesla Registrations 2023 in Germany - All Data and Facts

Tesla New Registrations in Germany in 2023

Last Update: 11/12/2023

In 2023, Tesla continued to establish itself as a dominating force in the automotive industry in the electric vehicle sector. With strong production from the Gigafactory Berlin, Tesla can now produce more vehicles locally, reducing the need to import vehicles from Shanghai. This undoubtedly contributed to further strengthening Tesla's presence in the German market.

We have evaluated all monthly evaluations of the Federal Motor Transport Authority and summarized the registration numbers from a reliable source into a comprehensive report. Let's take a detailed look at the numbers now.

Key Figures at a Glance:

  • By the end of November 2023, a total of 59,681 Teslas were registered in Germany. The distribution of models is as follows:

    • Model 3: 14,734 vehicles (24.69%)
    • Model Y: 43,097 vehicles (72.21%)
    • Model S: 1,155 vehicles (1.94%)
    • Model X: 695 vehicles (1.16%)
  • In battery electric vehicles (BEVs), Tesla achieved an impressive market share of 12.71%. A total of 469,565 electric cars were registered.
  • In comparison, the market share in the entire automotive market in Germany is 2.29%. There, a total of 2,602,726 cars were registered in 2023.

        Influencing Factors on Tesla's Registration Numbers in 2023:

        • Reintroduction of Model S and X: At the end of 2022, Tesla reintroduced the Model S and X in Germany after they had been unavailable for some time. With more powerful engines and a revised design, these premium models have returned but contributed only slightly to the increase in registration numbers in 2023.

        • Price Adjustments: After the strong price increases in 2022, Tesla made significant price reductions for Model 3 and Model Y in February 2023. This undoubtedly boosted the sales of these models in the first half of the year. In September, there was also a significant price adjustment for Model S and Model X to further enhance the attractiveness of these reintroduced models.

        • New Model Announcement: In September 2023, the new Tesla Model 3 Highland was announced, which has been delivered since the end of October. This led to a drop in the registration numbers of the existing Model 3 in the third quarter, as Tesla only sold off the inventory of the old model. Since the introduction of the new Tesla Model 3, registration numbers have been rising again.

        Tesla New Registrations 2023 by Quarters

        Tesla's registrations in the first quarter of 2023 were strongly influenced by the enormous price reduction in February. The effect this company decision had seems to be weakening over the course of the year. This is evident in that the registration numbers of the Model Y weakened with each quarter.

        Tesla New Registrations in Germany by Quarters


        Despite the decline, the Tesla Model Y remains by far the dominant vehicle in Tesla's lineup, while the Model 3 shows some volatility. The Model S and Model X, which belong to Tesla's more expensive offerings, have recorded a steady decline, mainly due to higher delivery numbers in the first two quarters being influenced by pre-orders from previous years.

        Model 3: In the first quarter, 4,188 Tesla Model 3s were registered in Germany. The Tesla Model 3 experienced a decline in the second quarter with 3,099 units sold. However, there was an increase to 3,903 units in the third quarter. This is probably due to the fact that Tesla offered strong discounts on the remaining vehicles of the "old" Model 3 to then announce the new facelift Model 3. Despite this slight increase in the third quarter, overall demand for the Model 3 remains below the level of the first quarter.

        Since the market launch of the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 Facelift, 3,544 Model 3s have been delivered in October and November. These strong numbers suggest that the fourth quarter will lead to new delivery records for this model.

        Model Y: With 15,851 units sold in the first quarter, the Model Y was clearly the most popular vehicle in Tesla's lineup. The biggest influencing factor was the price reduction of 9,000€. Although there was a steady decline to 11,974 and then 10,783 units in the second and third quarters, the Model Y maintains its position as the most-sold Tesla vehicle.

        The fourth quarter looks to have significantly lower deliveries for the Tesla Model Y. So far in October and November, only 4,489 Model Ys have been delivered in Germany. Tesla is known for high sales at the end of the year, so it is still possible that growth over the last two quarters could be achieved.

        Model S: Sales figures for the Model S have continuously declined over the three quarters. From 429 units in the first quarter, the number fell to 377 in the second quarter and reached a low point of 202 sold units in the third quarter. This could indicate a saturated demand or possible competition from cheaper Tesla models or external factors.

        In the current fourth quarter, 147 vehicles have been delivered.

        Model X: This model showed an interesting dynamic. After sales figures rose from 186 units in the first quarter to 278 in the second quarter, the Model X experienced a significant decline in the third quarter with only 135 sold units.

        In the current fourth quarter, 96 vehicles have been delivered.

        Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
        Model 3 4,188 3,099 3,903 3,544
        Model Y 15,851 11,974 10,783 4,489
        Model S 429 377 202 147
        Model X 186 278 135 96
        Total 20,654 15,728 15,023 8,276


        Monthly Tesla Registration Numbers in Germany 2023


        Tesla Registration Numbers 2023

        ................  Jan  Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec 
        Model 3 389 1.239 2.560 588 843 1.668 1.758 2.015 130 1.607 1.937 0
        Model Y 3.708 6.442 5.701 1.636 4.240 6.098 2.067 4.795 3.921 1.649 2.840 0
        Model S 96 20 313 103 106 168 49 43 110 65 82 0
        Model X 48 9 129 93 76 109 30 50 55 32 64 0
        Total  4.241   7.710   8.703   2.420   5.265   8.043   3.904   6.903   4.216  3.353 4.923 0


        Looking at the total monthly new registrations for Tesla in Germany, the following observations can be made:

        1. Significant Increase at the Start of the Year:

          • January: The year began with 4,241 new registrations, representing a solid start for Tesla.

          • February: This trend continued in February with a significant increase to 7,710 new registrations.

          • March: In March, Tesla reached its peak so far with 8,703 new registrations, marking the strongest monthly result of the year. The strength of the first quarter can be clearly attributed to the significant price reductions in February.

        2. Decline in the Second Quarter:

          • April: April saw a significant drop to 2,420 new registrations. This could reflect seasonal factors or strategic decisions by Tesla.

          • May: Numbers recovered in May, rising to 5,265. The increase could be due to a revival of interest or the arrival of a ship from the Gigafactory Shanghai.

          • June: This positive trend continued in June with 8,043 new registrations, almost reaching the peak values of March.

        3. Steady Numbers in the Third Quarter:

          • July: With 3,904 new registrations, there was a decrease in July compared to the strong June.

          • August: Numbers increased again in August with 6,903 new registrations, indicating a constant demand for Tesla vehicles.

          • September: A slight decline to 4,216 new registrations was recorded in September, which is related to the significant drop in Model 3 registration numbers.

        4. Information on the Fourth Quarter:

          • October to December: Since the end of October, the new Tesla Model 3 has been delivered. This led to a strong increase in Model 3 registrations to a current total of 3,544 vehicles, and that's even without December. A registration record for the model is expected here.

          • The overall registrations in this quarter are rather weak. However, an "end of the year push" is expected, so the numbers in December could be significantly higher than those in October and November.

        Tesla Model 3 New Registrations 2023 by Month

        Tesla Model 3 Registration Numbers 2023

        • Strong Start and Consistent Growth Until August: The year began for the Model 3 with moderate 389 new registrations in January. It peaked in March with 2,560 registrations for the first half of the year. After a slight decline in April, registrations steadily increased until August, where they stood at 2,015 new registrations.

        • Drastic Decline in September: Registrations for the Model 3 plummeted in September to just 130. This is due to the announcement of the new Tesla Model 3 and the subsequent clearance of the old model's inventory.

        • Strong Increase with New Model from October: Since the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 facelift became available on the German market, registration numbers have been climbing. Another record is expected here in December.

        Tesla Model Y New Registrations 2023 by Month

        Tesla Model Y Registration Numbers 2023

        • Market Leader: The Model Y clearly dominated the new registrations in 2023, with the highest number of new registrations of all Tesla models throughout the months.

        • Peaks: The highest registration numbers were recorded in February (6,442) and June (6,098).

        • Consistency: Although there were fluctuations, the registration numbers for the Model Y remained largely consistent until they fell to 3,921 in September.

        • So Far Weak Q4: In October, Tesla achieved the second-lowest deliveries of the Model Y in Germany with only 1,649 vehicles. Although the number increased to 2,840 in November, Tesla's registration numbers are still far from records. One month remains to improve the numbers.

        Tesla Model S New Registrations 2023 by Month

        Tesla Model S Registration Numbers 2023

        • Slow Start with a Significant Increase in March: After relatively low numbers in the first two months, the number of new registrations increased significantly in March to 313.

        • Stabilization: The numbers stabilized in the following months with slight fluctuations.

        • September Peak: In September, there was another increase to 110 registrations, possibly due to price adjustments.

        • Little Movement in Q4: So far, only 147 Tesla Model S have been registered in the fourth quarter. It remains to be seen whether an increase in December is possible.

        Tesla Model X New Registrations 2023 by Month

        Tesla Model X Registration Numbers 2023

        • Similar to Model S: The numbers for the Model X largely mirrored the trends of the Model S, albeit on a smaller scale.

        • March Increase: With 129 new registrations in March, there was a significant increase compared to previous months.

        • Consistent Numbers Until September: The numbers remained relatively consistent until September, with a slight peak of 109 in June.

        • Similarly Consistent in Q4: The registrations of the Tesla Model X in Germany continue to be consistently low. With 96 registered vehicles in the fourth quarter, the number is similar to the preceding quarter.


        In 2023, Tesla continued to maintain an impressive position in the German market with strategic decisions and product improvements. The reintroduction of Model S and X, combined with price adjustments and new model announcements, has put the brand in a promising position for the coming years. It remains to be seen how the registration numbers will develop, especially with the upcoming introduction of the new Tesla Model 3. Currently, it looks like the Model 3 will make a comeback, while the Model Y might lose some new customers.

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