Use these dog accessories for the Tesla Model Y

Use these dog accessories for the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is a fantastic electric vehicle that impresses not just with its performance and design, but also with its generous space, providing ample room for your dog. At the same time, a Model Y is also a quite significant investment.

So if you want to have your furry friend with you when you're on the road in your Tesla, it's important to protect the interior and ensure comfort and safety for your dog.

In this article, we take a look at the best dog accessories for the Tesla Model Y and how they help to keep the car clean and in pristine condition while your dog can travel comfortably and safely.

We are Tesla Outfitters. As Tesla accessory experts, we deal with the Tesla Model Y and other models on a daily basis. Many of our customers are dog owners, and we have revised our Tesla dog accessories several times to adapt them to the needs of our customers. So we can precisely tell you which parts of the Tesla Model Y you should protect. We also know how you can transport your dog safely and comfortably. Here are our recommendations on how to make your Tesla Model Y dog-friendly.

Dog Mat for the Tesla Model Y Trunk

The trunk is a popular place for medium and large dogs during car rides. However, claws and dog hair can quickly dirty and wear out the floor and sides of the trunk.

The solution: a high-quality trunk mat for dogs. Thanks to the robust, waterproof, yet breathable material, the interior of your vehicle always stays clean and dry. Especially practical is the innovative design of the mat, which covers not only the floor but also the sidewalls and the back of the seats. This ensures that every corner of the trunk is protected from dirt, hair, and scratches.

Model Y Trunk Dog Mat


In addition, the mat has a fold-out part that additionally protects the loading edge, which is particularly advantageous when your dog jumps into the car a bit more stormily.

What makes our Model Y dog mat special is also its practical handling. If you want to use the trunk for other purposes, the mat can be rolled up in no time and stowed behind the headrests of the back seat. The attachment clips ensure a secure hold and allow for quick and uncomplicated storage. So your Tesla always remains flexible and adaptable to your needs, while your four-legged companion can make itself comfortable.

Dog Guard for More Safety

Just as important as the dog mat is a dog barrierin the Tesla Model Y. It ensures that your dog is not thrown into the passenger compartment in case of a sudden stop or accident. The Tesla Model Y dog guard features a stable and durable aluminum construction and is available in a stylish black that blends perfectly into the interior of your Tesla. You can sit back and enjoy the ride while your dog stays safe in the trunk.

Dog Box for the Back Seats for Small Dogs

Your dog deserves the best comfort, and therefore we recommend a dog box for the Model Y back seats for small dogs. The vegan leather of the Tesla seats is quite easy to clean, but all the more susceptible to scratches from dog paws. The box therefore not only protects your dog but also the seats of your Model Y from hair, scratches, and dirt. At the same time, it provides the possibility to secure your dog adequately. A short leash is included, with which you can buckle up your four-legged friend in the box.

So you can be sure that your back seats are protected from the traces of an exciting adventure and your dog is securely buckled up at the same time. No more worries about pet hair, mud, or scratches on the seats – the Tesla dog box takes care of all that.

Dog Mat for the Tesla Model Y Rear Seat

If you prefer to transport your dog on the rear seat, but he is too big for a small dog box, then a rear seat dog mat is a great solution. It protects the seat upholstery from hair, dirt, and scratches, while simultaneously providing your dog with a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

Tesla Model Y Rear Seat Dog Mat

This Tesla dog mat also consists of waterproof but breathable material, which is easy to clean. It covers the entire rear seat and also protects the side doors. In addition, it is high enough at the front seats to prevent your dog from getting through between the seats to the front. The sides of the mat can be easily and securely fixed with a zipper, ensuring stable positioning.


With the right Tesla dog accessories, you can make your Model Y dog-friendly without sacrificing style and comfort. At Tesla Outfitters, you get Tesla dog accessories that have been specifically developed for the Model Y, thus meeting the needs of Tesla drivers with dogs. We continuously develop our products and are happy to provide personal assistance and advice if you have any questions.

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