Top Tesla Tips and Tricks

Top Tesla Tips and Tricks

Tesla offers some of the most comprehensive software features in the market within its vehicles. Many of these features are clearly visible, but there are also some that require knowing the right Tesla tips and tricks.

Of course, due to regular updates, one must continuously relearn how to use their Tesla. But you can always look forward to new features.

As Tesla Outfitters experts, we have been surrounded by Tesla vehicles every day for years and have learned pretty much everything there is to know about them. On our Instagram channel, we have already published some of the best Tesla tips and tricks. For everyone who prefers reading to watching videos, we have summarized the most important Tesla tricks in this post. This way, you'll become a true Tesla pro in no time.

Everyday Tesla Tricks

Let's start by showing you a few Tesla tricks that you can use in everyday life.

Driver Profiles

What would a list of tips be if it didn't include Tesla's driver profiles? This ingenious feature from Tesla allows you to link seat position, steering wheel position, and some settings to a key or a phone.

So, when you get into your Tesla, your profile is activated. However, if your wife or girlfriend gets in with her phone, the seat position adjusts to her. Especially tall men know the problem of getting in after the smaller girlfriend or wife has driven.

This problem doesn't exist with Tesla. And here's another tip. You're probably wondering what happens if both get in at the same time. But Tesla has thought of that too, so you can set a profile as a priority.

Always Leave a Space Free at the Supercharger

You've probably noticed that at Superchargers, the designation of the charging spots always has a number and then a letter. With V2 Superchargers, which you can recognize because they have 2 charging cables, A and B share a line. So, if you charge right next to someone else, you also share the charging power. This means both of you charge slower.

If enough spots at the Supercharger are free, then park in a way that you always leave a spot free or park so that you have your own number. Only then will you get the maximum charging power.

This is not the case with the newer V3 Superchargers, where you can charge next to each other.

Quickly Unlock the Charging Cable

I keep seeing Tesla drivers at the Supercharger who are done charging and then start searching through the menus on the screen to unlock the charging port. Meanwhile, with this tip, it's much easier.

If you want to end the charging process at the Supercharger and unlock the charging cable, you just have to press the small button on top of the plug for 3 seconds and then you can unplug it.

Protecting the Interior of Tesla Model 3 and Y

Some areas of the interior of your Model 3 or Model Y wear out particularly quickly. These include the floor mats, cup holders, and the loading edge of the trunk. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the right accessories from the beginning. These are the best products to protect these vulnerable areas:

Model 3 2024

Rubber Mats

Cup Holder Rubber Insert

Loading Edge Protection

Model Y

Rubber Mats

Cup Holder Rubber Insert

Loading Edge Protection

Car Wash Mode

When you take your Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, or Model X to the car wash, you naturally want to ensure that none of the sensors are triggered and accidentally open something.

For this purpose, there is the car wash mode, which blocks all functions that could be triggered. You can find it under Vehicle -> Service -> Car Wash Mode. There, you also see all functions such as windshield wipers, which are turned off.

Frozen Screen - What to Do?

If you ever have software problems, a Tesla restart often helps. If you want to read everything about it, then check out this post. Here, however, you get the most important info in short:

Soft Reset

If your screen is not responding anymore, or you have other problems with the interface, you can perform a soft reset. This restarts your Model 3 or Y. For this, press and hold both scroll wheels for about 15 seconds while the vehicle is in park.

Once the screen turns black, you can let go, and after about 30 seconds, you'll see something on the screen again, and it restarts.

For Model S and X, there is a second screen. To restart this one only, you need to press and hold the two top buttons on the steering wheel.

Hard Reset

If the soft reset didn't help, you can also perform a hard reset. This not only restarts the screen but the entire vehicle electronics. For this, you have 2 options:

  1. Press both scroll wheels and the brake until the reset starts as in point 1

  2. Go to Vehicle -> Safety -> Power Off and wait after turning off the entire vehicle electronics for 2 minutes. During this time, do not open doors or press any buttons. After 2 minutes, briefly press the brake pedal to wake the Tesla up again.

Charging LFP Batteries to 100%

If you have a Model 3 or Model Y Standard Range, an LFP battery has been installed. This battery has the advantage that it is not damaged when charged to 100%. So, if you have the opportunity to charge your MiC Model 3 at home, you can use the entire battery without worrying. Here you can find more information on the topic of charging Tesla to 100%.

If you also want to learn more about charging your Tesla at home, we have also written a separate article on this topic.

Viewing Regeneration Strength and Consumption

On the left side of your display, the vehicle data such as speed etc. are shown. At the top is a fine gray line. When you accelerate, you can see on a scale between the middle and the right edge how much you consume.

The scale from the middle to the left edge of the display shows you by means of the green bar how strongly your Tesla regenerates. We explain exactly what regeneration is here.

Camp Mode

Did you know that your Tesla has a Camp Mode? Sure, you can also read our detailed guide to Tesla camping, but we'll explain briefly what it is. The Tesla Camp Mode allows you to sleep in the Tesla while keeping your vehicle tempered all night long.

So you wake up refreshed in the morning on your TEMORIES mattress, the windows are not fogged up, the temperature is pleasant, and the air is not stale.

Dog Mode

If it's particularly hot outside, but you must leave your dog in the Tesla because you're, for example, going shopping, the interior temperature can become so high that it's life-threatening for the four-legged friend. Videos from the USA show how passersby smash car windows to save dogs.

To solve the problem with the interior temperature, but above all to ensure that no one smashes your window, Tesla introduced Dog Mode. This mode tempers the vehicle and prevents overheating. It also displays the temperature and a message on the screen, informing passersby that the animal is taken care of.

Caraoke Mode

Tesla offers a lot of great entertainment for its Model 3 and Model Y. One of the lesser-known is Caraoke Mode. With it, you can turn your Tesla into a karaoke machine.

You can start Caraoke Mode in the Media menu under Caraoke. Here you'll find hundreds of well-known tracks. You can turn the vocals on or off by clicking on the microphone icon.

Fun Fact: The name Caraoke is a combination of Car (English for car) and Karaoke, invented by Tesla.

Another fact: In China, Tesla even released special Karaoke Microphones "Tesla Mic" that sold out within a few hours.

Using Voice Control

Instead of searching through menus for settings you don't know where to find, you can also simply use your vehicle's voice control. You start this by briefly pressing the right scroll wheel on the steering wheel and then entering the voice command.

A list of tips on what you can do with voice control is, of course, also available for you.

Raising Windshield Wipers

One of our winter tips is to raise the windshield wipers so they don't freeze. However, they cannot be moved by hand. Instead, you must first go to the vehicle menu, select Service, and then turn on the Windshield Wiper Service Mode. Now they move a little bit upwards and can be raised by hand.

Quickly Turn Off Ventilation

If you want to quickly turn off the ventilation in the Tesla, you just have to press the ventilation icon on the screen for 2 seconds. But also in the app, you can easily turn off the ventilation by tapping on the ventilation icon.

In the 2024 Tesla Model 3, you can finally also turn off the ventilation on just one side. So, for example, the driver can have ventilation and the passenger without.

Full Screen Browser

If you open the browser in your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, it is only displayed on the right side of the screen. However, there is a way to use the browser in full-screen mode.

This trick is known by only a few. And here's how it works:

  1. Open the YouTube app in Tesla
  2. Tap on Sign In at the top right (or on your account if you are logged in)
  3. In the Google Log-In Screen, tap on Privacy
  4. Click on the dots at the top right
  5. Select the Google "Search" app

And now you are in full-screen mode in Google Search. If the interface looks a bit different for you, just look for the "Privacy" button. Once you have this, you can continue with point 4 .

Tricks for Tesla's Navigation

Here we have some Tesla tricks and tips for you on how to use the navigation better and faster.

Adjust Autopilot to Speed Limit

You're driving at 50 km/h with active Autopilot within a built-up area. But as soon as you pass the town sign, the speed limit increases to 70km/h. How can you now adjust the Autopilot to the new speed?

For this, you can either tediously turn the right scroll wheel, or you can do it simply with one of the following tips:

  1. Press the gear selector down for about 3 seconds, or

  2. Tap on the screen on the icon that shows the maximum speed

Using Smartphone as a Speedometer

Using a smartphone in Tesla as a speedometer

If you miss the speedometer in Tesla and prefer to have the speed directly in front of you, then you can attach your smartphone directly to the steering wheel with this special phone holder. Download a free speedometer app, and you can use your iPhone or other smartphone as a speedometer.

Preconditioning via Navigation

Your Tesla's batteries charge faster when they are warm, as the electrical resistance is lower. If you've been on the motorway for a long time before charging at a Supercharger, your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y uses the waste heat from the electric motors to reach the optimal temperature.

If you've just started driving, or in cold outside temperatures, it makes sense to precondition the battery. All you have to do is enter a Supercharger as your destination in the navigation system. Your Model 3 or Model Y will then warm up the battery to the optimal temperature. When it's worthwhile to preheat the battery, we've summarized in a separate post.

Navigate Home by Swiping

You surely know that you can save favorites in your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y's navigation system. This includes your home address and workplace.

If you have saved your home address, you can navigate home at any time by simply swiping the search field to the right. If you are at your saved home address, swiping to the right navigates you to work. Try it out.

Display Charging Stations on the Map

If you want to display all charging stations on the map, tap once on the map and several icons will appear on the right. Press the charging station icon, and all charging stations will be displayed.

You can also filter the charging stations by charging speed in the navigation. The icon with a lightning bolt shows you the slowest charging stations, and the icon with the 3 lightning bolts shows you the fastest charging stations.

By now, Tesla shows not only its own charging stations but also many others. You can recognize Tesla chargers by their red color.

Tips for More Safety

Tesla Sentry Mode

Tesla's Sentry Mode is probably the most advanced safety system available for cars on the market. If you have it activated, your Tesla uses its 8 cameras to record the surroundings as soon as someone gets too close to your vehicle. In case of damage, you thus have plenty of evidence.

You can either activate Sentry Mode in the vehicle under Safety, or you can simply go to the Tesla app under Safety and turn on Sentry Mode there. All further details on this safety mode, power consumption, etc., can be found in this article.

Restricting Tesla Access

If you want to park your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 in a valet parking but want to prevent it from being taken for a joyride, your Tesla offers the so-called Valet Mode. This mode limits top speed and acceleration, locks the glove compartment and front trunk, hides stored addresses in the navigation, and removes stored Wi-Fi, Homelink, and Bluetooth accesses.

When you use it, you thus have control over which functions of the car are accessible.

Emergency Brake

Among all the tips and tricks, here's one for you that could potentially save lives.

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y do not have a manual handbrake. Therefore, it's good to know that there is still an emergency brake. This could be important, for example, if the driver has a cardiac arrest or becomes unconscious. In this case, as a passenger, you can activate the Tesla emergency brake.

And this is all you need to do: Hold the P button on the right gear selector for 3 seconds. Then the emergency braking is initiated.

Automatically Locking Tesla

We are Tesla drivers because we love the modern operation. One of the settings that make you love your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y even more is "Lock on Walk Away". If you use your smartphone as a key, you can also use this brilliant feature.

Tap on Vehicle -> Locks -> Lock on Walk Away and make sure that the Acoustic Lock Confirmation is on.

Now, when you get out and move away from your Tesla, it automatically locks itself and honks softly, so you also get an acoustic confirmation that it is locked. If you still have open windows, they will be automatically closed.

If you accidentally left a door open, you'll hear it from the warning tone, and you can close it. So you don't have to worry about that either - Tesla has, as always, thought of everything.

Save Dashcam Video by Honking

Both Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, as is well known, have many cameras mounted around the vehicle. You benefit from this not only through Autopilot but can also use them as a security system.

Go to Vehicle -> Safety -> Dashcam. Here you can check Auto, which, for example, automatically saves the video in case of an accident.

What you can also set here is Save on Honk. So, if you're in a dangerous situation, you just have to honk, and the last 10 minutes and the next 2 minutes are automatically saved.

Glovebox Pin

Did you know that you can set a PIN for your glovebox in Tesla? This way, you don't have to worry about valuables if someone else drives your car. And it just adds an extra layer of security to your Model 3 or Y.

Glovebox PIN Tesla

You can activate the glovebox PIN by going to Vehicle -> Safety -> Glovebox PIN and following the instructions there.

Of course, you can also get a secret compartment for the armrest of the Model 3 and Y to store valuables in it.

Parking on a Steep Slope - Strong Parking Brake

If you need to park your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y on a steep slope, you naturally want to ensure that it doesn't roll away under any circumstances. For this, there's the strong parking brake.

To activate it, you need to hold the P (Park) button for 3 seconds. Then a yellow P icon appears on the screen, and you hear the parking brake tightening.

Hidden Manual Charge Port Unlocking

In the rare case that the charge port on your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y doesn't unlock, you can do it manually. For this, the charging process must be finished.

Manually Opening the Charge Port Tesla

To do this, open the trunk. On the top left, you'll find a small opening in the lining. Inside it is a latch, which you can pull to manually unlock the charge port.

Tricks in the Tesla App

Let's move on to tips and tricks in the Tesla app. For this, we've picked out the most important ones for you and listed them here. If you'd like to read more about the app functions, here's the relevant article

Send Address to Your Tesla

One of the most convenient functions of Tesla's navigation is that you can send an address from your smartphone to your Tesla. So, if you research your destination on your smartphone before departure, you can simply go to Share and then select Tesla.

send address to tesla


Your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y then automatically plans the fastest route along any necessary Supercharger stops for you. So you just need to get in the car and drive off.

Extended Quick Selection in the Tesla App

In the Tesla app, 4 icons are available in the quick selection by default. Here's a special Tesla tip because it's possible to add a fifth icon.

Open the app and press and hold an icon in the quick selection. This opens the menu where you can choose between different functions. Now patience is required. Because you have to quickly take any icon from the bottom and drag it to the right next to the existing 4 quick slots.

Do this several times very quickly until it works. Click save, and the 5th icon stays there. Now you can exchange all icons at will and have gained an additional function in the quick selection of the Tesla app.

Unlock and Start Tesla Remotely

Imagine you are on vacation and see in your weather app that a severe hailstorm is imminent at home. In the rush, however, you parked your Tesla not in the garage but outside. But as a Tesla driver, you can do something about it!

If you have someone you trust with your Tesla, you can ask them to repark your car. They don't need a key for this. Instead, you can unlock and also start your Model 3 or Y via the app. Now there's a 2-minute window in which the Tesla can be started and reparked without a key. Great tip, isn't it?

Preheat Interior in Winter and Cool in Summer

It's probably one of the most luxurious features of your Tesla. Is your Model 3 or Y too cold in winter or too warm in summer? No problem - you can simply temper the vehicle via the Tesla app. Within a few minutes, the interior reaches the desired temperature, and you avoid freezing or sweating.

Defrosting Tesla in Winter

While everyone else has to laboriously scrape ice off their car windows in winter, as a Tesla driver, you can simply defrost your vehicle via the app. Go to Climate and then you'll find the "Defrost Vehicle" function at the bottom. Keep in mind, however, that you're using electricity and don't leave the function on for too long.

Practical Settings

Easy Entry Mode

Tesla has thought of a very useful function for getting in: the Easy Entry Mode. Here, you can set the position of the driver's seat and steering wheel so that you can get in and out as easily as possible.

Just set the checkmark for Easy Entry in the driver profiles and save the settings once. The next time you enter your Tesla Model 3 or Y, the seat and steering wheel automatically move to the Easy Entry position.

As soon as you press the brake pedal, you are moved to the correct position for your saved driver profile. If you put the lever in Park, everything moves back to the Easy Entry position.

WARNING: If you have saved in Easy Entry mode that the seat moves all the way back, you must also ensure that there is no child in a child seat or objects in the footwell. The seat moves back regardless of counterpressure. You can stop the seat from moving back when getting out by touching one of the adjustment levers on the seat.

Automatically Fold Mirrors at Certain Locations

One of the best tricks to make your life easier is the automatic folding of your side mirrors at certain locations. If you have a narrow garage, or you want the mirrors to automatically fold in whenever you drive into the car wash, you can do that with your Model 3 or Y.

Simply go to Vehicle -> Fold Mirrors. A small field with "Save Location" will appear. Press the button, and every time your Tesla is within 7.5m of the saved location, the mirrors will automatically fold in.

Automatically Lower Mirrors When Reversing

We also have tricks for you for parallel parking your Tesla Model 3 or Y. Namely, you can set your mirrors to automatically lower when reversing. This way, you can see exactly how far you are from the curb.

To set this up, go to Vehicle -> Mirrors -> Automatically lower mirrors. As soon as you switch to another gear, the mirrors automatically return to their original position.

Display Range in km or %

The left side of your screen shows you the driving data. At the top of the screen, next to the battery symbol, your range in kilometers or your charge level in % is displayed.

If you tap on the value, you can easily switch between the two views.

Reduce Autopilot Sounds with Joe Mode

If the sounds of the turn signals or Autopilot are too loud for you, you can mute them with a simple setting.

Just activate Joe Mode. You can find it under Vehicle -> Safety -> Joe Mode.

Fact: The idea came from a man named Joe, who didn't want to disturb his sleeping children. He posted this suggestion on the internet, and Tesla named the Joe Mode after him.

Set Trunk Opening Height

If you have a low garage, you naturally want to make sure that the trunk doesn't hit the ceiling or the garage door. Tesla has made it easy to set how far the trunk lid should open.

To do this, open the trunk and then manually bring it to the desired height, or press the trunk close button briefly. Once at the desired height, hold the trunk close button for 3 seconds until you hear a confirmation tone.

Now you can close the trunk and open it again to check if everything worked.

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