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The Tesla MagSafe phone mount is specifically designed for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. It allows you to mount your phone in landscape mode right behind the steering wheel. Thanks to the innovative MagSafe technology, your phone is not only wirelessly charged but also serves as a second screen. Whether as a digital speedometer or for navigation.

The centerpiece of this product is the impressive holding power of 4300 Gauss, ensuring that your iPhone or smartphone stays securely in place even on rough rides through potholes. The mount is compatible with iPhone 12/13/14/15 and their Pro versions.

And don't worry if you have a different smartphone: With the included magnetic ring, which you simply stick onto your phone or case, any device capable of wireless charging becomes compatible. The adjustable angle and installation without removing the interior trim complete the user-friendly design.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Suitable for: Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland
  • Wireless charging with MagSafe
  • Strong holding power with 4300 Gauss for secure grip even on bumpy rides
  • Compatible with iPhone 12/13/14/15 and Pro versions
  • Includes a magnetic ring for use with other smartphones
  • Adjustable angle for optimal viewing
  • Easy installation without altering the interior

Innovative Phone Mount for Your Tesla

With this MagSafe phone mount for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, you get not just a charging station, but a true multi-functional device. The wireless charging keeps your smartphone always ready, while you use it as an additional screen for various applications. Whether for navigation or displaying speed – the possibilities are diverse.

Safety and Compatibility

The extraordinary holding power of 4300 Gauss from the electromagnet ensures that your smartphone remains securely attached even during the tremendous acceleration of a Performance model.

And the best part? This phone mount is not just a win for iPhone users. Thanks to the supplied magnetic ring, you can easily use any smartphone. You can save hundreds of euros on a dashboard screen and simply use your iPhone as a speedometer.

Installation of the Tesla MagSafe Smartphone Mount

The phone mount can be quickly installed in your Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland. Just peel off the protective sticker and stick the mount to the right place behind the steering wheel. The high-quality 3M adhesive tape holds reliably and can be removed without any residue.

Then simply run the cable down along the center console past the seat and plug it into the USB-C socket at the back of the center console. Now you can hold your iPhone or other MagSafe-compatible smartphone against the mount and feel when the magnet engages properly.

If you don't like the angle of the mount, it can be tilted up and down until everything is perfectly positioned. That's it. Now you can use your smartphone as a speedometer and don't need a second screen. And it gets charged while in use.

Package Contents

  • Tesla MagSafe Phone Mount
  • Magnetic ring for non-MagSafe smartphones
  • Installation guide

The Tesla MagSafe phone mount offers you an innovative, safe, and flexible solution to integrate your smartphone into your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. It guarantees not only a firm hold and constant charging of your device but also expands the functionality of your vehicle. An investment that elevates comfort, safety, and technology in your Tesla to a new level.

Save on an extra dashboard screen and equip your Tesla with this unique phone mount!

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Zuverlässig geliefert und Produkt top

Die Handyhalterung funktioniert tadellos und wurde innerhalb weniger Tage geliefert. Alles top.

Echt gut!

Echt gute Handyhalterung. War mir nicht sicher ob das wirklich halten kann aber bei 30 Tagen Geld zurück habe ich's ausprobiert und bin überrascht. Es hält alles richtig gut und auch bei Schlaglöchern fällt mein iPhone nicht ab. Ich verwende die einfache Tacho App und hab so Geschwindigkeit usw. im Blick. Kann ich empfehlen.