Tesla Camping - Ultimate Guide

Tesla Camping -

Tesla Camping - Ultimate Guide

Summer is finally here, it's time to go on trips. By now, you have probably heard that camping in a Tesla is something very special. But what makes a Tesla a good camping vehicle and what should you know about it?

In this article we will show you why the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are perfect for camping and what you need to make a camping trip in the Tesla a success.

What Makes Tesla Model Y and Model 3 such great camping vehicles?

When we go camping, we want to be close to nature - experience nature. Since Tesla is an electric vehicle, you already have the first great feature that is amazing for enjoying nature - it is completely silent. So you can enjoy the sounds of nature and still use your vehicle to the fullest.

Panoramic roof

If you don't just want to perceive nature acoustically, you can enjoy the large panorama roof of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. In the mountains, the view through the glass roof is particularly beautiful.

But even if you just want to lie in the Tesla and watch the clouds go by, the Tesla panoramic roof is perfect for relaxing.

Tesla Camp Mode

Each Tesla also has a camping mode. This controls the interior lighting, temperature and ventilation and ensures that both the 12V socket (cigarette lighter) and the USB-C connections continue to have power.

Tesla Camping Mode


The Tesla Camping mode allows you to stay overnight in the Model 3 or Model Y even in very warm or very cold temperatures.

Tip: Although the camping mode regulates some functions, you have to lock it manually. You can do so via the touch screen from the inside.

Large display

The Tesla interior is kept very simplistic. The focus is much more on extensive software. The large touchscreen in Model Y and Model 3 can be used to do much more than just the standard functions.

If the day gets a bit rainy while camping, you can access games, music, browser and cinema via the touchscreen.

If the brightness of the display bothers you while you sleep, you can simply turn on the display cleaning mode. As a result, the screen becomes dark and no longer dazzles.


Camping in the Tesla is not just for nature lovers. With the connectivity package, Model Y and Model 3 are connected to the Internet for €10 per month. You can stream music, use the web browser or even sing caraoke .

Especially when camping in Tesla Model Y and 3, the best entertainment is guaranteed. Because you have access to video streaming with YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ in the car.

Cinema: Netflix, Disney+ and Co

That brings us to the next point. Because a Tesla Model Y and Model 3 can be transformed into a cinema via the screen. Provided you have a Netflix or Disney+ subscription, you can stream films and series in the Tesla without limitations.

After spending a few movie nights in our Model 3, we can give you a little tip: Save a cinema driver profile. So you can automatically move your seat into the perfect position to watch the film.

Sound System

But not only the screen in the Tesla Model 3 and Y is suitable for a movie night while camping, the speakers are too. The sound in the car is incredibly good, especially in the Long Range and Performance models.

Films can be experienced up close and you feel like you are in the cinema. If you also have popcorn with you and you can put the drink down safely with a cup holder rubber insert , nothing stands in the way of a movie night.


Tesla campfire

When the Tesla is in camping mode, a nice campfire scene will appear on the screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. This creates a cozy atmosphere for camping.

If you want to activate the campfire yourself, you can also turn on the campfire in the game box. You have to know that the heating also turns on at the same time. This can only be switched off via the app while the campfire is active.

Set driver profiles for camping

If you regularly go camping with your Tesla, you should save another driver profile. In this profile you move your seat far enough out of the way to give you enough space for the mattress and for sleeping.

Currently, only the driver's seat and the steering wheel can be saved in the Tesla driver profiles. Of course, it would be ideal for camping if you could also save the passenger seat. Maybe Tesla will bring us an update with this function soon.

How much electricity does Tesla Camp Mode use?

The power consumption in camp mode of the Tesla Model 3 and Y depends heavily on the outside temperature. When it is particularly cold, the car mainly needs electricity for heating. When the temperature is very warm, most of the energy is used for the air conditioning system.

In summer, camping mode consumes about 15% of the battery or 7-10kWh overnight. In cold conditions around freezing temperature, expect 18-20% to be consumed overnight. If you watch an entire movie in the Tesla, there is an additional 1.5% consumption.

Charge at the campsite

Since campsites are designed to supply campers and caravans with electricity, you will find CEE sockets on every campsite. You can use these to charge your Tesla. You can find more information about charging here.

Tesla charging at the campsite

However, since the infrastructure is often not designed for continuous load, it may happen that the current is throttled to 10 amps at 2.3kW. The necessary circuit breakers are also not necessarily available.

For these reasons, it is advisable to use either the Tesla Mobile Connector with CEE adapter for charging, or a mobile charging solution such as a Juice Booster.

You should clarify the costs for charging at the campsite in advance with the campsite operator. We have experienced everything from lump sums of a few euros, to free charging, which is included in the campsite fee, to expensive charging prices of 69 cents/kWh.

Tesla camping accessories

A guide to camping in a Tesla should of course also contain recommendations for accessories. We only cover the most important parts here. If you need more information on this, check out our guide to the Best Tesla Camping Accessories or check out the Tesla Camping products at the Tesla Outfitters Store.


If you want to stay overnight in the Tesla Model Y or 3, you definitely need a mattress. They are available in all price ranges and variants from inflatable to memory foam beds. Of course, an inflatable mattress has the advantage that you can use the storage space of the Model Y or 3 for luggage and not just for a large mattress.

If sleeping comfort is most important, you can of course also use the TEMORIES memory foam mattress . This mattress fits in the front trunk (frunk) of the Tesla Model Y and is therefore the smallest variant among the foam mattresses. Of course, pillows and blankets should not be missing either.

Tip for tall people: the head end of the mattress extends beyond the folded seats. A mattress such as the TEMORIES mattress is particularly worthwhile here. Because it is reinforced at the head end and thus extends the contact surface of the mattress. You can also extend the headrests to gain more space.


If you not only want to sleep in your Tesla, but also want to eat there, you should take a table for the driver and front passenger.

There are foldable tables that were specially developed for Tesla. You unfold it, place one end on the armrest and the other on the center console, and you have a sturdy breakfast table.

It is also easily possible to use 2 such tables next to each other, so that the driver and passenger can have breakfast at the same time.

Tesla Camping Tent

Tesla Model Y Camping Tent TEMORIES


For the Tesla Model Y there is now the first Tesla Camping Tent in Europe. The TEMORIES Model Y tent offers space for 4 people, docks perfectly at the rear of the Model Y and is rain and windproof.

It can be set up in just a few minutes and stands by itself without a car. Perfect if you want to leave the tent at the campsite and go on a day trip with the Tesla.

The tent closes off the Model Y in such a way that you can park with the trunk open. This means that even heating or air conditioning can be used to temper the interior of the tent.

So if you are looking for the absolute best Tesla camping setup, you will find it in this tent.

Drinking Bottle

We all want to cause as little plastic waste as possible, even on excursions. You should therefore completely avoid using disposable plastic bottles and use a reusable drinking bottle instead.

If you are traveling for a longer period of time or in places with questionable sources of drinking water, it is best to choose a bottle with a water filter.

Insect repellent

What you should always have with you when camping is an insect repellent. Otherwise the camping trip with the Tesla can quickly become a dinner for mosquitoes.


A Tesla Model Y is the perfect car for Tesla camping thanks to the combination of plenty of space, good entertainment options and extensive accessories. But the Model 3 can also be used for this without much compromise.

Now summer can come, because you as a Tesla owner are now well prepared to use your Tesla as a camper and you can now go visit beautiful places with it.

  • Alex

    Hallo Sergio, scheinbar können Model S und X selten mal einen Hänger im Ladesystem haben. Schau mal im TFF Forum nach. Dort wird dazu geraten, einen hard reset zumachen.

  • Sergio

    Ich konnte mein Model S auf den Campingplätzen nicht aufladen, es meldet immer Fehler. Zuhause funktioniert der 230 V Adapter aber.
    Weiss jemand, was der Grund ist?

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