Tesla Camping Tipps and Tricks

Tesla Camping Tipps and Tricks

Camping in a Tesla offers a unique experience that combines luxury and nature in a special way. Whether you're an experienced camper or enjoying the freedom of a road trip for the first time – these secret Tesla camping tips and tricks will come in handy on your camping adventure.

Tesla Camping Tips at a Glance

Use the Tesla Camp Mode

Tesla Camp Mode

Before we dive into the secret Tesla camping tips, let's start with the most important one. The Tesla Camp Mode is specifically designed to make camping in a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 more comfortable. When you activate Camp Mode, your Tesla will be climate-controlled all night and the alarm will not be triggered by interior movement. This way, you can sleep comfortably regardless of the outside temperature. When you wake up in the morning, you'll have fresh air in the car and no fogged-up windows.

Restart Camp Mode if the door was opened

If you open the door of your Tesla while camping, Camp Mode will automatically deactivate. Remember to restart Camp Mode after closing the door to continue enjoying benefits like constant climate control and a deactivated alarm system.

Lock from the screen

If you use the Tesla phone key, your Tesla can be unlocked as long as the smartphone is close enough to the car. Even if you lock it via the app, this behavior is not restricted. And that brings us to Tesla camping tip 2, which we've learned from our camping trips.

The only way to lock your Tesla while camping is to press the small lock icon in the center of the screen in the Tesla. This is also the only way to lock the vehicle while the trunk remains open, for instance, when you're using the TEMORIES tent.

Use a privacy screen

On campsites, Teslas are not as common as one might think. Therefore, curious glances are often cast into the interior. We recommend every Tesla camper to use a privacy screen for all windows in the Model Y or Model 3. This not only provides privacy but also darkens the car, allowing you to sleep well.

Use a camera cover

Speaking of privacy: For added security and privacy, it's advisable to cover your Tesla's interior camera when camping in the car. There are special covers for the camera that prevent unwanted access to your camera recordings.

Wild camping in Germany

In Germany, as well as in most other EU countries, wild camping is generally prohibited. This means you cannot simply park your Tesla somewhere and spend the night there. However, there is another law you should know.

You are allowed to spend one night in your Tesla if you sleep in your car to "restore driving capability". If you ever need to sleep in your Tesla for a night, remember this rule. If you get checked, you can avoid a fine by explaining this.

Of course, this must be credible and you cannot claim it if you have spread out a tent, table, chairs, and other camping accessories. But it's definitely one of the most important Tesla camping tips we want to share with you.

Use a camping app

The app "park4night" is a useful tool for Tesla campers. With this app, you can find camping opportunities, parking spots, and sanitary facilities for you and your Tesla. The app is especially handy for finding showers and toilets.

Take coins for the campsite

Many campsites and parking spots charge fees for services like showers, washing machines, etc. These fees are often paid with coins. Therefore, it is advisable to always have enough 50 cent, 1€, and 2€ coins with you to use these amenities without any problems.

Use a special mattress for Tesla camping

For a restful night in your Tesla, it's recommended to use a mattress specifically designed for the vehicle. These mattresses are designed to fit perfectly into the interior of your Tesla and offer maximum comfort. There are various models and sizes that are tailored to your specific vehicle model.

TEMORIES Mattress in Model Y

We generally recommend the Snooze Air inflatable mattress to any Tesla camping beginner. If you find you really enjoy and frequently go on camping trips, we recommend getting a memory foam mattress like the TEMORIES mattress.

Charging at CEE sockets with a mobile wallbox

If you're camping for an extended period with your Model 3 or Model Y, you'll occasionally need a charging option. Fortunately, campsites are equipped with charging facilities, as they provide power for large camper vans.

All you need is a mobile wallbox with an adapter for CEE sockets. This way, you can safely charge your Tesla while you relax at the campsite. However, make sure to check the availability of charging options and the charging costs beforehand. While some campsites include charging in their fees, others charge exorbitant amounts.

Use air conditioning with a tent

If you use the TEMORIES tent while camping with your Tesla, you have the unique opportunity to heat or cool the entire tent. This allows you to enjoy a comfortable temperature inside the tent, just like in the car. To save battery, we recommend using the air conditioning for about 15 minutes to cool down an overheated tent.


The Tesla camping community is growing, and we are excited to be part of it as a leading provider of Tesla camping accessories. We have tried to compile all the important tips in this article. Now we want to hear from you. Did you know all of them? Do you perhaps have any additional tips you'd like to share with us? Feel free to write them in the comments.

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