Best Tesla Camping Accessories

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Best Tesla Camping Accessories

As a Tesla owner you have a great opportunity to camp in the vehicle. To ensure that everything runs smoothly when camping, you should also have the best Tesla camping accessories with you. In this article we have put together all the essential accessories that make every camping trip a success.

We've already written extensively about what makes Teslas ideal camping vehicles. In addition to the camping mode and the panoramic roof, there are the entertainment options such as Netflix, Disney+ and Co. But comfort is of course just as important. This is exactly why Tesla Camping accessories are needed for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, S or X and we will go into more detail here.

As specialists for Tesla Accessories, we spend a lot of time with all kind of great new products and prototypes. We have intensively tested a whole lot of camping products that can be great for camping adventures in your Tesla. Now we want to share our experience and expertise with you and show you the best tesla camping accessories out there. 

  1. Camping mattress
  2. Camping tent
  3. Camping privacy screen
  4. Foldable table
  5. Travel bags
  6. Rubber mats
  7. Mobile charging station

Camping mattress

First and foremost, of course, to sleep in Tesla Model Y and Model 3, you need a mattress. The basic question here is whether you would rather have more space or more comfort. Because there are 2 types of Tesla camping mattresses.

One is inflatable and can be folded very small for transport, so that there is significantly more space for luggage and camping equipment. The second type of Tesla mattresses are memory foam mattresses. They take up considerably more space, but also offer the best sleeping comfort. Only the TEMORIES memory foam mattress combines the best of both worlds but more about this later in the article.

Inflatable mattress

The best inflatable camping mattress is the Snooze Air mattress. It is adapted to the shape of the Tesla Model Y and thus offers the greatest possible space to lie down. It comes with a pump and can be inflated directly from the 12V on-board socket in the center console or in the trunk of the Model Y.


Inflatable Tesla Mattress


The flocked surface is pleasant on the skin and yet easy to clean. By dividing it into several air chambers, the mattress can be used across the entire width of the vehicle or only halfway. Depending on what you need. In addition, the head end can be inflated separately, so you can set it up and use the mattress as a sofa, for example to read a book while camping.

Memory foam mattress

The "TEMORIES" memory foam mattress offers the greatest value for money. It is the space-saving variant of foam mattresses and does not take up too much space when rolled up. It fits right into the frunk of the Model Y or can even be stored in the lower trunk compartment.

What makes this mattress even more special is the hardened board on the lower side of the head area. This extends the sleeping space and makes sure your head is supported when sleeping.

Luxury mattress Dreamcase

If you want maximum sleeping comfort and luxury, there is currently only one choice: the Dreamcase mattress. It is available as a Tesla Model Y or Model S variant and it is then also adapted exactly to these vehicles. It is delivered in a box that can be used on the Model S to compensate for the height difference between the trunk and the folded rear seat. This is not necessary with the Model Y.

The scope of delivery includes the mattress, a blanket and pillows. The luxury of the mattress is also reflected in the price. Because it costs a whopping € 579 without covers. The Dreamcase mattress takes up almost the entire Model Y trunk and is therefore only recommended if you are traveling with very little luggage. But if you only want the best, you're in good hands.

Camping tent TEMORIES

Tesla Model Y Camping Tent TEMORIES


For the Tesla Model Y there is now the first Tesla Camping Tent in Europe. The TEMORIES Model Y tent offers space for 4 people, docks perfectly at the rear of the Model Y and is rain and windproof.

It can be set up in just a few minutes and can be set up without a car. Perfect if you want to leave the tent at the campsite and go on a day trip with the Tesla.

The tent closes off the Model Y in such a way that you can park with the trunk open. This means that even heating or air conditioning can be used to temper the interior of the tent.

So if you are looking for the absolute best Tesla camping setup, you will find it in this tent.

Camping privacy screen

Another essential for Tesla campers is a privacy screen that protects the vehicle interior from prying eyes from outside. This is currently only available for the Model Y, but it will also be available for the Model 3 at the start of the next camping season.

The privacy screen comes in a set with 8 parts and thus covers all panes. So you have complete privacy when camping in the Tesla Model Y. If you also want to cover the panoramic roof, you can also attach a sun protection. So then really all panes of glass are covered.

Foldable table

When camping in the Tesla, you not only sleep, but of course you also want to eat in it. So that this doesn't become a mess, there is the foldable Tesla table . It is simply placed on the door and center console and then offers enough space for food and drinks. When it is no longer needed, it can be easily folded and stored in the frunk (front trunk).

Tesla camping table

The practical design makes it one of the best Tesla camping accessory essentials. 2 of these Tesla camping tables also fit next to each other, so that you can eat together with great comfort.

Travel bags

If you go camping in the Tesla and want to optimize the space to the maximum, there are tailor-made luggage for you. Designed to maximize every space on the Model Y or 3. The Tesla Camping Luggage comes in different sets to fit the frunk, bottom trunk and also the trunk itself.

Especially if you are not traveling alone, you have to play Tetris in the Tesla so that other luggage fits in the trunk in addition to the mattress. So it's handy if you have travel bags that use every bit of space.

Rubber mats

Going camping doesn't just mean spending time in your Tesla Model Y. Much more you go on beautiful hikes, explore the area or relax at the lake. If the weather doesn't quite play along, the equipment gets wet and dirty.

So that the Model Y or 3 does not have to be cleaned intensively after every camping trip, it is worth putting rubber mats in the vehicle. In particular, all-weather mats are suitable for Model Y and 3. You can use the frunk to place your dirty hiking boots in them and you don't have to worry about the footwell getting dirty.

Tesla rubber mats for camping

Because the mats are made for intensive use. They are easy to take out and can simply be washed off with water. The dirt-repellent material means that cleaning is minimal.

Mobile charging station

Driving the Tesla is a great experience. At night you can watch the stars through the large panoramic roof and the camping mode always has exactly the right temperature in the interior. If you are on campsites, you have another advantage. You can charge at the campsite.

Because mobile homes and caravans also have to be supplied with electricity, you will find blue CEE sockets at every campsite. You can use it to charge the Tesla. All you need is a mobile charging station. An article about the best Tesla camping accessories would probably not be complete without a mobile charging station.

Therefore, we can definitely recommend the Juice Booster 2 for camping in the Model S, Y or Tesla Model 3. Out of all the mobile charging solutions, the Juice Booster 2 is best suited for use when camping, for a number of reasons.

Juice Booster Traveler Set

It is not only IP67 waterproof and dirt-proof, but also protected against being rolled over by up to 3 tons. In this way, the mobile wall box remains functional even if a mobile home accidentally drives over it.

If you don't have a wall box at home, you can use the Juice Booster as a wall box at home and as a mobile charging station when camping. So you don't have to buy another wall box.

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