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The foldable table for Model 3 and Model Y is perfect for mobile work when you are at the charging station or as a dining table for the passenger.

This makes it easy to bridge waiting times when charging. Simply fold out the table, put your laptop on it and be productive. Or put your lunch on it to eat. When not needed, you can easily stowe it away in the frunk of your Tesla.

The table is made of high-quality fiberboard, which was specially made for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. As a result, the table sits precisely on the center console and armrest. And the dimensions allow it to be stowed in the front trunk in a folded state so it takes up barely any space.

There are small deepenings for drinks and smartphones so that nothing can slip around here. On longer journeys, the Tesla table is also perfect as a dining table. Because it fits on both the driver and the passenger side. So it can be used while camping or even while your driving as long as it is used by the passenger.

2 foldable Tesla tables also fit next to each other, so that you can have the mobile table in Tesla Model Y and 3 with you when you are camping and dining together.

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Der Tisch ist echt klasse. Sitz nach ganz hinten, Lenkrad aus dem Weg und das als Fahrerprofil speichern und schon funzt das auch als 1,89m großer Mann.

Ich bin sehr zufrieden

Der Tisch funktioniert sehr gut. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

Wirklich klasse

Der Tisch ist wirklich klasse. Der einzige "Nachteil" ist, dass man an der Ladestation oft darauf angesprochen wird und so nicht zum Arbeiten kommt.

Super Produkt, super Abwicklung

Super Produkt, super Abwicklung

Richtig schön!

Richtig schöner Tisch! Kann ich empfehlen.