Tesla Valet Mode Explained

Tesla Valet Mode Explained

In July 2020, a parking attendant in San Antonio, Texas, was found wanting to use a guest's expensive Tesla Model S for a quick spin. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and he drove the luxury electric car straight into a concrete wall. The entire event was recorded by the Tesla dash cam.

To prevent such incidents in the future, Tesla has introduced the valet mode. In this article we will show you exactly what this Tesla Valet mode does and how you can use it to protect your Tesla.

  1. What is Tesla Valet Mode?
  2. How Tesla Valet mode works
  3. Advantages of valet mode
  4. Conclusion

What is the Tesla Valet Mode?

Tesla Valet Mode Model S

Tesla Valet Mode is a feature that has been integrated into the vehicle controls of all Tesla models. This feature allows the driver to put their car in a safe mode when someone else is driving it.

For example, this could be a valet parking service or a friend who is lending the car. Valet mode offers a new level of control and security for vehicle and driver.

How the Tesla valet mode works

Valet mode is turned on in the Tesla app under Security -> Valet mode. Alternatively, this can also be done in the vehicle by changing the driver profile to valet mode. Both function restrictions and security functions are then activated. These include:

  • Maximum speed limited
  • Acceleration limited to 25% power
  • Glove box and front trunk locked
  • Personal information such as home address is hidden
  • Homelink access, WiFi, and Bluetooth will be disabled

When the Tesla Valet mode is switched on for the first time, the driver must also enter a PIN code.

Advantages of valet mode

  • Improved Safety: By restricting certain functions of the car, the driver can ensure that the car is being driven safely and responsibly by another driver.
  • More control: The driver has control over what features of the car are accessible when it is being driven by another driver.
  • Theft Protection: Restricting access allows the driver to ensure items in the Model 3 or Y glove box are secure


    Overall, the Tesla Valet mode offers increased safety and convenience features when you have to park the Tesla in a valet parking. If you combine this with the guard mode, you can turn off the Tesla with peace of mind.

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