Tesla Referral Program 2023

Tesla Referral Program 2023

Last updated: 07/10/2023

The Tesla Referral Program is back! Since March 2023, Tesla has reintroduced the referral program in Germany. If you buy a Tesla Model Y, Model 3, Model S or Model X, don't miss out on the reward. In this article we will show you what this is all about and how you can benefit from it.


  1. What is the Tesla Referral Program?
  2. What is the Tesla Referral Code?
  3. Where can I find a Tesla Referral Code?
  4. What is the equivalent of the Tesla Referral Code?
  5. What do you get via the Tesla referral link?
  6. Are there alternatives to the Tesla Referral Program?
  7. Conclusion on the 2023 Tesla referral program

Brief overview of the program

  • Tesla Referral Program was reinstated in March 2023 and has been revised several times since then
  • If you use a Tesla Referral Code when making a purchase, you get a €500 discount on Model 3 and Y or €1,000 on Model S or X
  • Use this link when purchasing a Tesla: https://ts.la/felix501002 and support more informative content like this from Tesla Outfitters

What is the Tesla Referral Program?

On Tesla's website , the company states that the Tesla Referral Program program is intended to enable Tesla owners to share their enthusiasm for the vehicles and products with others.

The Tesla Referral Program serves to ensure that existing Tesla customers refer new customers and both receive a bonus in return. Since March 2023 there have been bonuses via this link again. https://ts.la/felix501002

What is the Tesla Referral Code?

Tesla referral code


With the Tesla Referral Code or Tesla referral link, every Tesla driver and future Tesla driver can get rewards. The rewards are points that can then be redeemed for free Supercharging or for products in the shop and a discount on buying a Tesla for the buyer.

Are you planning to buy a Tesla? How to get your €500 discount:

  1. Click on a Tesla Referral Code: https://ts.la/felix501002
  2. Select vehicle and click on "Order".
  3. Now you will have a 500€ discount on the vehicle
Tesla referral link

Would you like to give your referral code to a friend? That's how it's done:

Share Tesla referral code

  1. Open the Tesla app
  2. Tap the "crate" icon in the top-right corner
  3. Tap the "Recommend" button below and share your link

Where can I find a Tesla Referral Code?

Not everyone knows another Tesla driver whose Tesla Referral Code they can use. However, so that you still get the bonus when you buy a Tesla, you are welcome to use our referral link: https://ts.la/felix501002

With this you support the Tesla Outfitters blog, because we use the bonuses to buy Tesla products, which we then test and explain to other Tesla drivers in individual blog articles.

What is the value of the Tesla Referral Code?

Tesla referral program enlisted

If you want to find out the exact value of the Tesla referral link, you can click through all the rewards and compare the number of points you need with the prices. For those who do not want to go to the effort, we have presented an example here.

The Tesla Referral Code gives the referrer 7,500 points for the shop and the referee a €500 discount on Model 3 and Y. For 5,000 points there are 5,000 free supercharging kilometers. A t-shirt is available for 500 points.

This is a nice bonus for both parties. Because with 5,000 points there are 5,000 free Tesla Supercharger kilometers. For about the same number of points, there is also the Tesla Wall Connector (5,500 points). Here the equivalent is 500€.

If you drive a lot of long distances, the supercharging kilometers via the Tesla Referral Code can be worthwhile However, we recommend you to browse the app to find out what is most worthwhile for you.

What do you get via the Tesla referral link?

Tesla recommendation premium

While the old version of the Tesla referral program only offered free kilometers on the Tesla Supercharger, today as a referrer you are offered a lot more. Because with the points you can get not only supercharging for your Model Y or 3, but also clothing, accessories and even software upgrades.

If you use the code when ordering a Tesla as a customer, you get a €500 discount on Model 3 and Model Y or a €1,000 discount on Model S and X.

Tesla Referral Bonuses


The Tesla referral program is worthwhile for existing Tesla drivers as well as for new customers of Model 3, Y, S or X. Because both sides get a bonus. For Model S and X there are even twice as many points and a twice as high discount.

But not only recommendations from third parties are credited with the points. Anyone who has ever owned a Tesla can also "recommend" themselves and also get the discount. However, since they also get this if they use someone else's code, we always recommend using an external link and making someone happy with it.

Are there alternatives to the Tesla Referral Program?

We Tesla drivers are all avid fans of our Model Y, Model 3, X and S. We love to share with friends and the community how special it is to own a Tesla. It would be nice if we got something back here and there. That's what affiliate programs are for.

So yes, there are alternatives to the Tesla Referral Program. One such alternative is the Tesla Outfitters affiliate program. If you recommend someone via your referral link, you will receive percentage of the order value as a bonus. This is particularly worthwhile for influencers, workshops or blogs.

Conclusion on the 2023 Tesla referral program?

The Tesla referral program and the Tesla Referral Code are back in 2023 and especially people who like to share the joy of their Tesla with others will receive a thank you from Tesla for doing so.

We would like to thank everyone who supports us and uses this recommendation link when buying a Tesla. https://ts.la/felix501002

If you want to know what you have to look out for when buying a Tesla, we have an article for you for this as well.

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