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The Tesla Model Y windshield sunshade is the best companion for hot summer days. It ensures that your Model Y heats up significantly less when parked in direct sunlight. The difference is huge!

  • Sunshade for the windshield of the Tesla Model Y
  • Effective reflection of solar radiation
  • Significantly lower interior temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Easily stowable

Advantages of the reflector sunshade for Tesla Model Y windshield

With the windshield sunshade, the windshield of your Model Y is completely covered from the inside. The inside is black, while the outside has a silver reflective layer that effectively reflects UV rays. As a result, your Model Y heats up much less in the sun. At the same time, the interior is also protected from fading.


Installing the Model Y windshield sunshade is easy.

  1. Unfold and spread out on the pane
  2. Fasten Velcro around the interior mirror bracket
  3. Fold the sun visors down on the right and left

And the sun protection is in place. The bag included in the scope of delivery can be used to store the windscreen sun protection in a space-saving manner.

The sun protection is also perfect as a privacy screen when camping in the Tesla Model Y.

We recommend always using the windshield sunshade when parking the Tesla Model Y in direct sunlight. This protects the interior from overheating and you need less energy to cool the vehicle when you get in.

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Jarim S

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Ich bin begeistert. Ich hätte nie gedacht wie groß der Unterschied sein würde aber mit dem Reflektor heizt sich der Innenraum wirklich deutlich weniger auf! Werde das jetzt immer im Kofferraum vorne dabei haben.