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Tesla Model 3 and Y wheel nut covers are used to protect the lug nuts from debris. Above all, the wheel nut caps and covers are used so that the 19" wheels of the Model Y and the 18" wheels of the Model 3 look good without hubcaps.

The 19" standard rims of the Tesla Model Y and also the 18" rims of the Tesla Model 3 are mostly used as winter tires. The so-called aero caps, i.e. the plastic hubcaps, are attached to it.

However, if you prefer the look of the rims underneath, you have a problem. Because the rims underneath have no cover for the wheel nuts. This makes the whole thing look unfinished and ugly.

The wheel nut caps in matt black can help here. Because they are simply applied to the wheel nuts and the rims of Model 3 and Y look really good.

The following products are included in the wheel nut cap hub cap set:

  • 4x hub cover caps
  • 20x wheel nut caps
  • 4x valve caps
  • 1x assembly tool

Customer Reviews

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Zufriedener Kunde

Ich bin ein absolut zufriedener Kunde. Die Bestellung war einfach und die Auswahl an Bezahlmethoden ist riesig. Die Abdeckungen für die Felgen sitzen gut und es sieht alles zu meiner Zufriedenheit aus. Hier kaufe ich wieder.

Schönes Set

Gerade auf den 18" Model 3 Rädern montiert. Nabendeckel und Radmutterkappen sehen super aus.