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No more scratched rims! Introducing the Tesla Wheel Protection. Especially with the Tesla Model Y, rims are prone to scratches as they slightly protrude beyond the tires. A brief encounter with a curb can quickly lead to unsightly damage.

With these tesla wheel protectors, you can reliably shield your rims from these typical scratches and impacts. Whether for the Model Y, Model 3, or any other Tesla model, these tesla rim blades are tailor-made and provide optimum protection.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Perfect fit for Tesla Model Y, Model 3, and all other Tesla models.
  • Special protection for Model Y rims that extend beyond the tires.
  • Protects against scratches, dirt, and minor impacts.
  • Easy installation without specialized tools.
  • Made of durable material.
  • Suitable for every rim size.

Effective Protection

A moment's inattention, and it happens: a scratch or a scuff. This is a frequent issue, especially with the Model Y. The Tesla rimblade tire protection serves as a reliable buffer between the curb and the rim, greatly minimizing the risk of such damage.

Installation? A Breeze!

No need for specialized tools or a trip to the mechanic. Installing the tesla wheel protectors is straightforward and accomplished in just a few steps. The provided 3M adhesive tape ensures a secure grip and maximum protection.

  • Clean the rim
  • Stick along the edge
  • Trim as needed

And just like that, the tesla rim blades are mounted on your Tesla rim.

Sturdy and Long-lasting

The Tesla tire protection is made of a high-quality material that's both sturdy and durable. It stands up to wind, weather, and the daily challenges of road traffic.


The Tesla tire protection is an essential accessory for every Tesla owner. It effectively protects your rims from scratches and impacts. Thanks to its easy installation, durable material, and perfect fit, it's a trustworthy companion for your vehicle. Give your Tesla, especially the Model Y, the protection it desperately needs!

Customer Reviews

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Preis/Leistung super

Bei den übertrieben teuren Angeboten im Internet bin ich froh endlich eine gute Preis/Leistung gefunden zu haben. Tut was es soll und ist nicht überteuert.

Gutes Produkt

Ich habe den Schutz gerade erst angebracht und was soll ich sagen... Er wurde unfreiwillig gleich mal getestet. Hatte damit Bordsteinkontakt mit den Performance Felgen vom Model Y (wenn auch nur leichten Kontakt) und die Felge hats überlebt. Ich muss zwar jetzt den Schutz austauschen aber das ist es mir Wert.

Ist wie beschrieben.

Geht wirklich sehr einfach. Man benötigt nur eine Schere. Das Band ist sehr wertig.