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Protect the sensitive screens of your Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024 with our high-quality screen protector set. Specially designed for the 15-inch front screen and the smaller 8-inch rear screen, the set offers optimal protection against scratches and reduces fingerprints.

The rounded edges of the films ensure comfortable handling without sharp edges. The installation is incredibly easy: start at the top edge, press the film firmly, and push any air bubbles down. This way, you achieve a bubble-free installation effortlessly.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Specially designed for Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024
  • Fits the 15-inch front screen and the 8-inch rear screen
  • Scratch-resistant material for long-lasting protection
  • Reduces fingerprints and ensures clear visibility
  • Rounded edges prevent sharp edges
  • Easy, bubble-free installation

Optimal Protection and Clear Visibility

The screen protector set for your Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024 reliably protects the screens of your vehicle from everyday damage. The special films not only protect against scratches but also reduce annoying fingerprints. Your screens remain protected, clear, and readable at all times.

Two Options: Matte and Glossy

You can get the screen protector set in a clear version or also in matte. The matte films reduce reflections on the screens and are therefore very practical in sunny weather. They also need to be cleaned less often since the film significantly reduces fingerprints.

The Glossy film offers clear visibility and protects against scratches and impacts. It is inconspicuous and barely noticeable once installed.

Easy Installation

With the screen protector set, installation is a breeze. The included instructions guide you step by step through the process, so you can apply both films without prior knowledge. The rounded edges of the films ensure safe handling and contribute to a pleasant touch surface without sharp edges.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1x protective film for the 15-inch front screen
  • 1x protective film for the 8-inch rear screen
  • 2x cleaning cloths (1x alcohol-soaked, 1x for streak removal)

With the screen protector set for the Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024, you not only ensure optimal protection of your screens but also improved appearance and feel. The easy installation and effective protection against scratches and fingerprints make this set an indispensable accessory for every Tesla owner. Don't wait any longer and effectively protect your screens to maintain the functionality and appearance of your vehicle in the long term.

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Das habe ich gebraucht!

Die Folien haben mir noch gefehlt am neuen Model 3. Gerade der Hintere Bildschirm bekommt öfter mal den ein oder anderen Tritt ab, wenn ich die Kinder vom Fußball abhole. Da bin ich froh, wenn der geschützt ist. Installation war recht simpel und wie beim Handy. Kann ich empfehlen.