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The Tesla rear seat dog box is the ideal solution for transporting your dog safely and comfortably on your Tesla's rides. No more compromises between your beloved pet and the condition of your seats. This dog box offers first-class protection for your dog and at the same time for the car seats of your Tesla Model Y or 3.

The essentials in brief:

  • Safe and comfortable transport solution for small and medium-sized dogs in the Tesla Model Y
  • Protects the rear seats from scratches, hair and dirt.
  • Easy assembly
  • Good security in the vehicle
  • High quality and durable material for a long service life
  • Suitable for all Tesla models
  • Outside Black, inside gray

Comfort and safety in everyday life

Your dog deserves the best comfort, and this dog crate offers just that. With enough space, your dog can enjoy every ride in peace. At the same time, you can be sure that your rear seats are protected from the traces of an excited dog. No more worrying about pet hair, mud or scratches on the seats - the Tesla dog box takes care of it all.

Quick assembly, safe journey

Assembling this dog crate couldn't be easier. Thanks to the intelligent design, you can easily attach it to the back seat of your Tesla Model Y. The special seat belt holder ensures that the box stays securely in place while driving. So you can focus on driving while your dog travels safely and happily.

Made for everyday life

This dog crate is made of durable material that can withstand the rigors of busy dogs. It doesn't matter whether your dog is curiously nibbling on the walls or excitedly romping around in it, the box remains stable and undamaged. The durability ensures that you and your four-legged friend can go on many adventures together.

The ideal Tesla rear seat dog box

Your dog deserves the best, just like your Tesla Model Y. The Tesla dog box combines safety, comfort and durability in one product. Put an end to dirty and scratched rear seats - get the Tesla dog box today and enjoy relaxed journeys with your four-legged friend.

Customer Reviews

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Gut aber kleiner als gedacht. Der Golden Retriever auf dem Foto wird wohl in der realen Welt eher nicht reinpassen aber für kleinere Hunde ist die Box gut. Mein Shiba passt gut rein. Finde auch gut, dass eine Anschnall-Leine mitgeliefert wird.

Super Produkt

Ich hatte mich lange auf dem Markt umgeschaut und nur diese großen überteuren Aluminium Boxen gefunden. Alles viel zu überdimensioniert für meinen Jack Russel. Ich habe mich am Ende für die hier entschieden und sie war jeden Cent wert. Hier werde ich bei Bedarf wieder einkaufen!