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The "Dark Aeros" Tesla Model Y hubcaps are the perfect upgrade for your 19" standard rims. The elegant design in matte black offers a beautiful modern look without making any compromises in terms of aerodynamics.

The "Dark Aeros" have been specially developed for the 19-inch rims of the Model Y. They fit perfectly and cover every part of the rims.


  • High-quality hubcaps for Model Y 19" rims
  • Colour: matte black
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Weatherproof, also suitable for winter


The hubcaps are made of high-quality, strong material that is durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The "Dark Aeros" are resistant to the weather and offer long-lasting protection for your rims.

The hubcaps are weatherproof and are therefore not only suitable for use in summer, but also for winter. You can equip your Model Y with the "Dark Aeros" hubcaps all year round and enjoy style and protection at the same time.


The installation of the "Dark Aeros" hubcaps is very easy and requires no additional tools. They share the same mount as the Tesla Aero Caps that come installed on the rims of the Model Y. So you can install them yourself quickly and easily.

The hubcaps cover the entire wheel, including the rim. This protects your rims from dirt, stone chips and other external influences. Your rims stay cleaner longer and keep their shiny look.

The "Dark Aeros" hubcaps are supplied in a set of 4. Installation couldn't be simpler:

  1. Clean rims well
  2. Attach adhesive backing strips to the back
  3. Add some tape on the rims for protection
  4. Align Dark Eros so the valve fits into the recess
  5. Press until the wheel caps are snug

4 identical hubcaps are supplied. Thanks to the uniform design of the hubcaps, you don't have to worry about which hubcap goes with which wheel. Installation is quick and easy.

If a single hub cap is damaged, you can also buy them individually.

Please note

Since Tesla rims are delivered with a very vulnerable paint finish, we recommend attaching the enclosed protective adhesive strips around the inside of the rim before installation.

With the Tesla Model Y "Dark Aeros" hubcaps you not only get an attractive design and improved aerodynamics, but also protection and functionality for your rims. Get the set of "Dark Aeros" hubcaps now and stand out from the crowd with a sporty, elegant look.

Customer Reviews

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Schicke Option

Man muss leider bei den Tesla Felgen echt aufpassen was Kratzer angeht. Ich hatte mir die Felgen schon mit den Original Radkappen von Tesla zerkratzt. Daher habe ich besonders starkes Tape aufgetragen und hatte dadurch zum Reifenwechsel dieses Jahr keine Probleme. Die Radkappen halten bisher gut durch.

Optisch sehr schön

Die Radkappen sind optisch sehr schön. Empfehle ich.