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Tesla Model Y air vent cover

The Tesla Model Y air vent cover should not be missing in any Model Y. Because they ensure that no foreign objects fall into the open footwell ventilation.

  • Model Y air vent cover x2
  • Color: Black
  • Assembly without glue
  • Prevent foreign bodies in the footwell ventilation
  • Suitable for Tesla Model Y (Except Standard Range with BYD battery from 2023)

Why do you need ventilation grilles in the Model Y?

Tesla delivers its Model Y without such protection. The ventilation is simply open. If objects fall under the seats, they easily end up in the ventilation and you can't get them out of there. The Tesla air vent covers can help protect your car against this.

How are the Model Y air vent covers installed?

The ventilation grilles for the Model Y are mounted without glue. They are simply attached to the two vents under the front seats. In order to have the simplest possible assembly, we recommend moving the seats all the way forward.

What's included?

2 Model Y air vent covers made of solid, durable plastic

Customer Reviews

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Ein Muss!

Wusste nicht dass man so etwas braucht aber nachdem Tesla ernsthaft keinen Schutz verbaut ist das gut investiertes Geld. Nachdem ich ein Video gesehen habe wo M&Ms in der Lüftung gelandet sind und nicht mehr raus gingen habe ich die Gitter sofort gekauft. Eine Sorge weniger.