Top 10 Best Tesla Model Y Accessories

Top 10 Best Tesla Model Y Accessories

More and more Model Y are being delivered and it is becoming increasingly interesting to find the best Tesla Model Y accessories. There are many new products that are really worthwhile for this Tesla!

The Model Y is basically a larger version of the Model 3. The Tesla interior is largely identical, but there is significantly more space. Those who particularly benefit from the large amount of space are families. So in this article, we're going to focus on the best Tesla accessories for the Model Y that families can really benefit from.

Anyone who buys a Tesla naturally wants to keep their vehicle in good condition. In the best-case scenario, it should lose as little value as possible. It is therefore particularly important to get the right protective accessories when buying the Model Y.

  1. All-weather rubber mats
  2. Rear seat protection mat
  3. Bumper protection
  4. Kick protection seat protector
  5. Organisers
  6. Cup holder rubber insert
  7. iPad holder
  8. Dog mat for the trunk
  9. Rubber insert doors
  10. Camping mattress

All-weather rubber mats

Especially in autumn and winter, you can quickly carry a lot of dirt into the Model Y. Since the interior is largely made of fabric, the dirt can get stuck there very easily. The standard floor mats at Tesla are also made of velours and are therefore not suitable for bad weather.

All-weather mats Model Y

Probably the best Tesla Model Y accessory is the all-weather rubber mat set. The floor mats and trunk mats protect the interior from all weather conditions and are the right choice even in winter thanks to their high-walled design.

The all-weather rubber mats can be bought as a complete set, giving you easily washable floor mats for the interior and robust rubber trays for the front and rear trunk. If dirt has accumulated in the Model Y, you can easily remove it and rinse it off and everything looks like new again.

Rear seat protection mat

In addition to the all-weather mats for the Model Y, there is also a rear seat protection mat. Anyone who often loads larger objects in the Model Y and folds down the rear seats should definitely buy these.


Rear seat protection Model Y


Because the back of the rear seats in the Model Y is also made of fabric and wears out quickly. The rear seat protection mat helps against exactly that. It is made of robust, scratch-resistant material and thus protects exactly this vulnerable area in the Model Y.

But the rear seat protection mat does not only protect against wear and tear or damage. Dirt is also kept away from the rear seats. The wheels of prams or suitcases are often dirty and are pushed right up against the seats. This quickly leaves traces that can be avoided with such a protective mat.

Bumper protection

Speaking of protection, look at all the places that wear out quickly. With the Model Y, this is definitely the loading sill on the trunk. This consists of quite soft plastic, which gets permanent scratches after just a few months from loading and unloading suitcases and other luggage.

A loading sill protection prevents these permanent scratches. It is simply glued to the loading sill and thus absorbs all wear and tear. If you want to sell the vehicle at a later date, you can simply remove the loading sill protection without leaving any residue and the loading sill underneath looks like new.

The loading sill protection is available in several versions. The loading sill protection made of steel with a carbon look is particularly popular. So you not only get a very durable material, but also a visual upgrade of the trunk.

Kick protection seat protector

Anyone who often drives with passengers, especially children, knows the usual footprints on the back of the driver and front passenger seats. Despite sufficient leg room, these simply cannot be avoided.

A kick protection seat protector offers a remedy for this. It covers the lower part of the seats and thus absorbs all kicks. The kick protection is made of vegan synthetic leather and is therefore dirt-repellent. It can be cleaned with a wipe with a microfiber cloth and saves the tedious time of cleaning the seats.

The kick protection seat protector for the Model Y comes in a double pack. So both seats are safe from footprints.


Tesla loves simple design. As a Model Y owner, you probably bought the vehicle for this reason. However, it couldn't hurt if the storage space was better organized here and there. There are several compartments in the center console, but they are very deep and don't exactly invite you to organize objects in them.

Model Y organizer

So it makes sense to get the 3 organizers for the center console . The first organizer goes in the front compartment and is simply pushed in like a drawer. Now you have double use from this compartment. Because the compartment is so deep that the drawer only takes up the upper half. There are also subdivisions in the drawer so that the house key doesn't scratch your sunglasses, for example, when you're cornering faster.

The second organizer is installed in the rear part of the center console under the armrest. It has a practical coin compartment and other subdivisions for charging cards or similar. The third organizer is known as the secret compartment and is built into the armrest. It is very inconspicuous and is therefore perfect for storing cash if the pizzeria does not allow card payment and you don't carry cash with you.

Cup holder rubber insert

The cup holder in the Tesla Model Y is made of soft plastic. Unfortunately, this only looks good for a short time, because after just a few weeks it looks worn out. In addition, the cup holder is quite large, which means that cans and smaller beverage bottles have no support.

For this there is the cup holder rubber insert. It protects the cup holder from wear and tear and can be easily removed and washed under the sink if dirt collects inside. Due to the corrugated surface on the inside, the rubber insert offers bottles and cans alike grip and ensures that the drink cannot fall over even when you brake hard.

iPad holder

If you like to travel by car with the whole family, your nerves are often on edge when the children's problems in traffic jams start up again. We don't recommend soundproof headphones, but the best Model Y accessories when it comes to passenger entertainment.

iPad holder model Y

The iPad holder for the rear seats allows you to attach smartphones, tablets or iPads of any size to the back of the front seats. You can watch movies or play games.

Conveniently, the Model Y has 2 USB-C ports on the back of the armrest, so you don't have to worry about the battery level when watching a movie. When going Camping in your Tesla you can also for example, look through the most beautiful photos of the hike together by streaming them onto an iPad o the back seat.

Dog mat for the trunk

Not only two-legged friends should have a good time in the Model Y, but also four-legged friends. Nevertheless, of course, there should be no claw marks on the vegan leather or dog hair stuck in the fabric lining of the trunk.

Tesla Outfitters offer a practical dog mat for the Model Y trunk in the shop. It closes high all around and thus avoids a lot of cleaning work. Scratches on the door sill of the trunk, which occur when the dog jumps in and out, are also avoided. Because the dog mat has a fold-out cover that protects this area of ​​the Model Y.

Rubber door inserts

Who does not know this situation - in winter the wet gloves always end up in the door compartments. While this isn't a problem at first, keep in mind that a lot of dust and dirt collects in these compartments over time. Be it by using it as a temporary rubbish bin or by a wet umbrella. These compartments are very difficult to clean.

Rubber insert doors Model Y

Therefore, the best Tesla Model Y accessory that solves this problem is a rubber insert for the doors . They fit snugly in the doors and catch dirt and moisture. If you want to clean them, you can simply rinse them under the tap and then put them back in the doors. The rubber inserts come as a set for all 4 doors. 

Camping mattress

We have already explained in more detail in our guide why the Tesla Model Y is the best vehicle for camping. So if you like to spend the night in the Model Y, you need a good mattress that doesn't take up much space when packing.

Tesla Model Y camping mattress

If you like to have luggage with you when camping, you should probably buy an inflatable or memory foam mattress. This is the best memory foam mattress out there and this is the best inflatable one.


If you buy a Tesla Model Y, we can only recommend that you protect the vehicle as best you can with the best Model Y accessories, such as floor mats. But accessories not only offer protection, but also one or the other new function. Additional screens can be attached to the rear seats or the Model Y can be used as a camping vehicle.

You can find more accessories for your Tesla Model Y at

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