Tesla towing capacity of all models

Tesla towing capacity of all models

Last updated: 31.07.2023

If you often have to transport larger objects, you can tow a trailer with your Tesla. Of course, the Tesla trailer load of the respective model plays a major role when doing so.

There is still not a factory trailer hitch for every Tesla model. If this is important to you, you should definitely read the information in this article before buying and check whether the vertical load and trailer load of the desired Tesla are sufficient.

In order to provide more clarity, we have compiled the technical data of the Tesla towing capacity of all models in Europe in this article. So here you will find the important information about towing a trailer with Tesla Model Y, Model 3, S and X summarized.

  1. Which Tesla can tow a trailer?
  2. Tesla trailer loads of all models at a glance
  3. Trailer load and vertical load briefly explained
  4. Tesla Model 3 towing capacity
  5. Tesla Model Y towing capacity
  6. Tesla Model S towing capacity
  7. Tesla Model X towing capacity
  8. How fast can you drive a Tesla with a trailer?
  9. Can a Tesla tow a trailer?

Which Tesla can tow a trailer?

It doesn't matter whether you want to transport a bicycle, transport wood with a trailer or go on holiday with your caravan - a trailer hitch definitely increases the possible uses of your Tesla immensely.

Model X horse trailer


While in principle Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y can tow a trailer, this is not possible for all model variants. For example, there is no trailer hitch for the Model 3 Performance and older Tesla Model S did not have a trailer hitch from the factory.

In the early days, Tesla drivers were often left behind. Often the manufacturer did not offer a trailer hitch or only minimal trailer loads were possible. Luckily that has now changed. There is now a trailer hitch for all Tesla models. Now it is possible to tow a trailer with your Tesla Model 3, Model Y or the other models.

Of course, there are differences, namely in terms of trailer loads per model. Below you will find the corresponding maximum possible trailer loads and all information about each Tesla vehicle.

Tesla towing capacity of all models at a glance

Here you can find an overview of the trailer loads for all models. Below we will go into the model variants, because there are also differences.

Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X
Towing capacity unbraked 750kg 750kg 750kg 750kg
Towing capacity braked 1,000kg 1.600kg 1.600kg 2.250kg
Vertical load 100kg 100kg 100kg 100kg

Trailer load and vertical load briefly explained

First, let's briefly explain the terms used:

Trailer load unbraked

Light trailers for small transports such as motorcycles or DIY trailers for transporting wood and garden waste are unbraked. Under a permissible total weight of 750 kg, a separate brake for the trailer is not required by law in Germany. Therefore, the unbraked trailer load for all Tesla models is also 750kg.

Trailer load braked

The braked trailer load means nothing more than the maximum total weight of a trailer that has its own brake system and may be towed by a Tesla. In Germany, trailers with a permissible total weight of over 750 kg must be braked.

Vertical load

Another important term is the so-called vertical load. This describes the maximum weight that may act on the tow hitch from above. This must not be exceeded under any circumstances, otherwise you may face penalties from the police or even actual damage to the vehicle.

Normally, the maximum vertical load of a car trailer hitch is between 70 and 90 kilograms. This is especially important if you want to use a bike rack or something similar. Tesla has a strong vertical load of 100kg across its vehicle lineup.

Tesla Model 3 towing capacity

Tesla Model 3 with trailer

Model 3
Year of construction 2019+
Trailer load unbraked 750kg
Trailer load braked 1,000kg
Vertical load 100kg


Towing capacity

The trailer load for the Tesla Model 3 is 1,000 kg. The trailer hitch is only available as an option ex works for the basic and long range models. You can find more information in our guide to the Tesla Model 3 tow hitch .

Vertical load

The vertical load on the Model 3 is 100kg.

Tesla Model Y towing capacity

Model Y
Year of construction 2021+
Trailer load unbraked 750kg
Trailer load braked 1,600kg
Vertical load 100kg


Towing capacity

The latest SUV from Tesla - the Model Y - has a braked trailer load of 1,600 kg. Enough for a horse trailer or a medium-sized caravan. This makes it the cheapest Tesla that can tow large trailers.

All Model Y variants available in Germany can have a tow hitch and the stated trailer load. In contrast to the Model 3, there are no restrictions on the performance variant.

Vertical load

As far as the vertical load is concerned, there is no difference between the Model Y and the more powerful Model 3. This is 100 kg.

Tesla Model S towing capacity

Model S Model S
Year of construction 2012-2020 Year of construction 2022+
Trailer load unbraked 750kg 1,600
Trailer load braked 1,850kg 1,600kg
Vertical load 75kg 100kg


Towing capacity

Tesla did not offer a factory tow hitch for model years 2012 to 2020. It was only possible to have these retrofitted by third parties. So it was possible to get a TÜV-approved trailer hitch with a trailer load of 1,850 kg.

Only since the new Model S, which has been available in Germany since the end of 2022, has there been the option of a Model S tow hitch. This then offers a good 1,600kg trailer load.

Vertical load

The support load of the Model S is 100kg, as with other models. Retrofitted solutions for older models, on the other hand, have a vertical load of 75 kg or up to 100 kg for bicycle transport.

Tesla Model X towing capacity

Model X Model X plaid
Year of construction 2012-2020 Year of construction 2022+
trailer load unbraked 750kg 750kg
trailer load braked 1,850kg 2,250kg
drawbar load 90 (54) kg 100kg


Towing capacity

For many years, the Model X was the only electric car that could tow a large trailer. Even now it is still the leader in braked towing capacity among Tesla models. The towing capacity of the Tesla Model X is a whopping 2,250 kg.

Since it is not possible to mount roof racks on the Tesla Model X due to the falcon-wing doors, Tesla has integrated the trailer hitch into the standard equipment of the vehicle. However, Tesla is known to change such things at any time.

Tesla Model X horse trailer


Vertical load

With the Model X before 2022, the vertical load was 90 kg, but this value is reduced to 54 kg for vertical loads such as bicycle racks. This low value usually only allows the transport of 2 bicycles on one bicycle carrier.

According to a verbal statement from a Tesla Service Center in Hamburg, it is probably due to the fact that the maximum support load on a bicycle rack is always on the trailer hitch. With a trailer, the tensile load would probably be added to relieve it. Unfortunately, you have to accept that, since the 54kg are in the manual.

The vehicle registration document for the new 2022+ Tesla Model X states a vertical load of 100 kg, removing the issue of the old model.

How fast can you drive a Tesla with a trailer?

In general, the same applies to your Tesla Model Y or any other electric car in terms of maximum speed with a trailer as to any car in Germany.

This means that a speed limit of 50 km/h applies to your Tesla with a trailer in built-up areas and the maximum speed of 80 km/h outside of built-up areas. However, there is an exception for trailers with a 100 km/h sticker: they are allowed to drive at up to 100 km/h.

Can a Tesla tow a caravan?

Tesla Model Y with caravan

Image: @pepobo

A question that naturally interests camping fans is whether you can tow a caravan with a Tesla. One thing is clear: each model can pull a small unbraked trailer up to a maximum of 750 kg.

When it comes to a caravan, at the end of the day, weight matters. With a 1,350 kg caravan, for example, a Model Y consumes approx. 30 kW per 100 km on a straight line. Normally there are no problems with any trailer with the Model X, but you can also tow a caravan with a Model S and Y and even Model 3, as long as it does not exceed the maximum towing capacity specified above when braked.

So yes, you can tow a caravan with your Tesla.

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