Tesla Model 3 tow hitch

Tesla Model 3 tow hitch

Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 and want to know whether you can tow a trailer with your car or mount a bike rack? We have a Model 3 with a tow hitch and were asking ourselves the exact same questions.

We have researched a few days to get all the answers to all questions about the Tesla Model 3 tow hitch. To save you this work, we have compiled all the information in this article. We clarify which trailer hitches are available for the Model 3, whether you need an extra driver's license for them and which trailers you are allowed to tow at all. We have also listed the costs.

The goal of this article is to have all your questions answered on the subject at the end of the article. So let's get started right away!

Can a Tesla Model 3 tow a trailer?

Tesla Model 3 towing a trailer


Tesla initially only had the Model X with a tow hitch, later followed by the Tesla Model 3 with a trailer load of up to 1.000 kg. The detachable tow hitch was available for a while at the time of ordering our Tesla and is available only for the Standard Range and Long Range Models.

Yes, a Tesla Model 3 can tow a trailer. The maximum trailer load is 1.000 kg. This means that, for example, high and low loaders as well as motorcycle transporters can be attached. You can find out here what restrictions this causes when driving.

Tesla's Model 3 is of course far from being a real tow vehicle with its low towing capacity, but it is perfectly suitable for domestic use and towing a trailer or transporting bicycles.

Towing, hitching and maneuvering with a trailer works the same with the Tesla Model 3 as with any other car with a tow hitch. At 493 Newton metres, the Model 3 Long Range has more torque from a standing start than a VW Tiguan and can therefore compete with more traditional petrol or diesel towing vehicles. Even with maximum payload on the trailer, you don't notice any loss in performance.

How much weight can a Tesla Model 3 pull?

As already mentioned, the Model 3 is not specifically designed to tow a trailer. Therefore, the maximum draw weight is rather low. If you have to pull more weight, you should think about a Model Y.

The Tesla Model 3 is allowed to tow 1.000kg. While that's not excessively high, it's perfectly adequate for attaching bike racks and smaller trailers. However, this is not enough for most caravans.

If you are the owner of a larger caravan, the Tesla Model 3 tow hitch is not sufficient due to the limited towing capacity. Tesla also points out that the tire pressure on the rear axle should be increased by 0.2 bar when towing a trailer.

Do you need a trailer driver's license for this?

If you want to tow a trailer with your Tesla Model 3, you don't need an additional driver's license. This is only necessary if the vehicle weight + trailer load exceed a total of 3.5 tons. Since the Tesla Model 3 has a vehicle weight of 1,850 kilograms and the maximum trailer load is 1.000 kilograms, you can tow a trailer with your normal driving license B. This might differ in other European countries so we advise you to research the exact rules in your country.

How much does the Model 3 tow hitch cost?

The Tesla Model 3 tow hitch is not a standard accessory, but must be purchased as an option when you order your Tesla Model 3. It is possible to add the Model 3 trailer hitch directly to the web configuration as an option at a price of EUR 1.350.

Model 3 trailer hitch

Where can you buy a Tesla Model 3 tow hitch?

If you - for whatever reason - do not want to (or cannot) buy your Tesla Model 3 tow hitch directly from Tesla, you still have the option of using third-party suppliers.

These third parties often offer a Tesla Model 3 towbar for less than Tesla itself. However, it is important to read the fine print here. Because the trailer load deviates strongly. To out knowledge, all third-party tow hitches are only available for bike racks and not for the towing capacity of an actual trailer.

ATTENTION: Most third-party providers offer tow hitches that only make it possible to mount a rear carrier, for example for transporting bicycles. The trailer load is not sufficient. You won't be able to tow a trailer with it.

A third-party Model 3 tow hitch also has the issue, that trailer mode is not activated in the vehicle. While this has the advantage of not restricting the autopilot, as is the case with a Tesla tow hitch, it also means that the autonomous system may not calculate braking distances correctly. So caution is called for here.

Can the tow hitch be retrofitted to the Model 3?

When buying a Model 3, you often don't think about whether you also need a trailer hitch. This naturally raises the question of whether a tow hitch can at least be retrofitted.

Tesla does NOT offer the option of retrofitting a tow hitch on the Model 3. It is therefore essential to speak to the Tesla employee when ordering. However, various third-party providers do offer solutions for this. Quite often also as a complete package including assembly but with less capacity.

Is the Model 3 tow hitch detachable?

Model 3 tow bar detachable


The mounting device for the trailer hitch is located at the bottom of the rear of the Tesla Model 3 and is secured by a cover plate that must be removed before installation. As a result, not too much dirt gets under the fairing in everyday life.

The Tesla Model 3 trailer hitch is detachable. If you no longer need the hitch, you can dismantle it at any time. Technically this is very easy to do. You can read how to do this in the assembly instructions for the Model 3 trailer hitch.

How is the trailer hitch installed on the Model 3?

The installation of the trailer hitch on the Model 3 can also be carried out in a few minutes by less technically experienced Tesla drivers. After removing the cover plate for the mounting device, the hitch must first be unlocked and then inserted into the device. The protective cover may have to be removed first.

The Model 3 trailer hitch can also be dismantled in just a few seconds. Simply insert the key into the corresponding lock, turn it to unlock and then remove the tow bar.

If you need more details, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Tesla Model 3 tow hitch.

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