Tesla restart - this is how it works!

Tesla restart - this is how it works!

Every Tesla driver will sooner or later have to do a Tesla restart. Tesla Model 3, Model Y, S and X all have a central computer installed. This controls all vehicle functions including the screen. Like any computer, however, it can freeze or crash from time to time.

But don't worry, if the screen crashes or freezes, the driving functions will not be affected. Tesla has secured this with a redundant system. Such a situation is not dangerous, but of course you get annoyed anyway.

Don't worry, we'll show you how to restart Tesla in a nutshell.

Tesla screen restart - the soft reset

If your screen stops responding or you have other problems with the interface, you can perform a soft reset. This restarts the screen of your Tesla Model 3 or Y.

To do this, hold down both scroll buttons of the steering wheel for about 15 seconds while the vehicle is in park. The screen then turns black. Now you can release the two buttons.

After about 30 seconds, the Tesla logo will appear on the screen and it will restart. A few seconds later everything should work again.

The Model S and X also have a second screen. To restart just this one, you have to press and hold the top two buttons on the steering wheel.

Tesla vehicle restart - the hard reset

If the soft reset didn't help, you can also perform a hard reset. This not only restarts the screen, but the entire vehicle electronics.

Park your Model 3 or Y. Now click Vehicle -> Security -> Power Off on the screen

This turns off all the on-board electronics. Now wait for about 2 minutes without opening the doors or pressing any other buttons. After the 2 minutes have passed, you can wake up your Tesla again by pressing the brake pedal.

Update: Tesla has now made it clear that the widespread opinion that the hard reset starts by pressing the brake in addition to the soft reset is not true. So proceed as mentioned above. If the screen is frozen, do a soft reset first.

If you want an alternative way to restart the entire system, go to service and change the tire configuration to different tires. This also restarts everything.

Can I restart Tesla while driving?

Yes, you can restart your Tesla screen while driving. Logically, only the soft reset works here, which only restarts the screen. The driving functions are not affected and you can continue driving.

However, note that the autopilot is not available to you during the restart and that your current speed is not displayed.


Now you know both ways to restart a Tesla. So the next time your screen freezes, you'll know exactly how to fix it.

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