Gift ideas for Tesla drivers

Gift ideas for Tesla drivers

Finding the right gifts for Tesla drivers is always a challenge. Sometimes, after hours of research you are still not closer to a good solution. In this article we have collected the best gift ideas for Tesla owners so that you can save yourself the search and find the right gift straight away.

Gifts for Tesla drivers

First of all, you have to know that Tesla doesn't have hundreds of different options for personalizing the vehicles down to the last detail like other manufacturers do. Instead, the features of the Model 3 and Y are extremely minimalist with few options to choose from. There are 5 paint colors, 2 types of rims and only 2 options for the interior: black or white.

So if a Tesla driver wants to personalize his Tesla, this can only be done with Tesla accessories. For this purpose, Tesla accessory shops such as Tesla Outfitters are ideal contact points for gift ideas for Tesla drivers. So if you're looking for the perfect gift, you're sure to find it here.

So what are the best gift ideas for Tesla drivers now?

  1. Tesla Essentials Pack
  2. Smart Tesla ring
  3. Tesla Desktop Supercharger
  4. iPad holder for the rear seats
  5. Foldable table
  6. Elon Musk Biography
  7. Gift card

Tesla Essential Organizer Pack

If you want to give a Tesla driver a gift when they pick up their Tesla, it's always a good idea to gift the Model Y Essentials Pack or the Model 3 Essentials Pack .

It includes 3 organizers that help to make much better use of the entire center console. This is how you bring order and functionality into the car and a smile onto the face of the recipient. We use these organizers ourselves and are very happy with them.

Smart Tesla ring

Anyone who has been driving a Tesla for a long time has usually already bought one or the other Tesla accessory. The essential organizers are built in, the trunk mat is already in the car and floor mats are usually already available. So what else can you give here?

In this case, it takes more unusual gift ideas to make a Tesla driver happy. A brilliant gift idea for Tesla drivers is the smart Tesla Ring . This elegant ring can be used as a key for Tesla Model Y and 3.

Tesla ring


Best of all, the Tesla Ring never needs to be charged, it's rugged and waterproof. The ring is delivered in a beautiful black box and is almost ready to be given as a gift. The perfect gift for Tesla drivers!

Tesla Desktop Supercharger

Another unusual gift idea to make a Tesla driver happy is the Desktop Supercharger from Tesla itself. This is a desktop charger with a Tesla Supercharger look, which you can use to charge your smartphone - a real eye-catcher.

Tesla Desktop Supercharger

iPad holder for the rear seats

A great gift idea for Tesla drivers with children is the iPad holder for the rear seats. Anyone who often takes long trips in their Tesla with their family knows that the children in the back seats quickly get bored. This can quickly get louder and relaxed traveling with autopilot loses its charm.

Here we are sure: The perfect gift for Tesla drivers with children are the iPad holders for the rear seats .

iPad holder Tesla rear seats

The holder is mounted in a few seconds and can hold smartphones, iPads and tablets with a screen size of up to 15". You don't have to worry about the tablet battery draining on long journeys either, as you can plug in 2 USB cables at the bottom of the center console So children can watch films and long trips with the family trip becomes peaceful again.

Foldable table

We also have a great gift idea for Tesla drivers who travel a lot for business! Tesla Outfittes offers a foldable table that was developed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.


Tesla table


The table can be used on both the driver's and the passenger's side and is particularly suitable for working with the laptop while charging. Of course, it can also be used as a dining table.

When not in use, you can simply fold it up and store it in the frunk. The Tesla table is therefore a great gift for business people with real benefits in everyday life.

Elon Musk Biography

If you like to read, you often want new exciting books. The biography of Elon Musk is perfect as a gift. The book has been rated very well a thousand times on Amazon and provides insights into the career of Elon Musk and his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

The biography is an inspiring, personal and exciting story of one of the most successful lateral thinkers in the world. The biography was written by Ashlee Vance, who had exclusive and direct access to Elon Musk through many personal conversations. In addition to insights into the founding of companies, the book does not leave out the family environment.

We read the book ourselves and think it's incredibly good! So if you want to give a Tesla driver a small but personal gift, we can only recommend the Elon Musk biography!

Gift card

Sure, most of the time you don't know what accessories someone already has and that makes it harder to find the right gift for Tesla drivers. Usually it's real Tesla fans who want to give presents and immediately after picking them up they have equipped their Tesla Model 3 and Y with accessories. It is not easy to have the right gift ideas for Tesla drivers.

So if you're not sure what else you can give your boyfriend, girlfriend or acquaintances to go with the Tesla, you can simply get a Tesla accessories gift card. So you don't run the risk that the accessories are already available in the Tesla and you still make every Tesla driver very happy.

Christmas gifts for Tesla drivers

Of course, we also want to be able to give our dearest Tesla fans the perfect gifts at Christmas. The products already mentioned are just right for this occasion.

But if we are looking for something more special for the cold season as a gift for Tesla drivers, then we should adapt our search to the weather. At Christmas, the Christmas tree has to be transported in the car and it likes to leave needles and resin in the trunk.

All-weather trunk mats are of course a great Christmas present for Tesla drivers. They are available for Model 3 and also for Model Y.

Tesla Model Y drivers who are getting a dog for Christmas can also be given a perfect gift with a dog mat for the trunk .

We are sure that with all the gift ideas mentioned, you will put a smile on the faces of Tesla drivers. If you have any other great gift ideas for Tesla drivers, feel free to write them in the comments or contact us.

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