Tesla Model 3 tow hitch installation

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Tesla Model 3 tow hitch installation

You bought a Tesla Model 3 with a trailer package. Now you want to mount the Model 3 tow hitch for the first time. You have already read all information about the Tesla Model 3 towbar.

Then we will now show you step-by-step how to install the trailer hitch on the Tesla Model 3.

  1. Preparation
  2. Remove cover
  3. Unlock the lock
  4. Insert the trailer hitch into the mount
  5. Lock trailer hitch



The tow hitch is supplied in its own bag. This includes a tow hitch, 1 key, 1 spare key and cut-outs in the foam to cover the mount.

When using it for the first time, everything has to be unpacked from the plastic and the cut-out foam inserts removed. All recesses, except those for the cover of the mount, must be filled in the dismantled state. This way you can be sure later that all the parts are still there.

Tesla Model 3 tow bar included

Remove cover

Remove the dust cap located on the bottom rear of your Tesla Model 3. To do this, you simply have to turn the 2 small screws that fasten the plate 90 degrees counterclockwise and then remove the cover plate. You can use a screwdriver or just a thin coin for this. You have then uncovered the mount for the trailer hitch. A 20 cents coin works great here.

Model 3 hitch cover

There is also a cover plate on the trailer hitch mount, which you also have to remove by simply pulling it down.

Model 3 hitch mount cover

Unlock the lock

Take out the hitch and one of the keys to lock the hitch. Insert the red key into the towbar lock as shown in the picture and turn it until the arrow on the red cap points to the unlock symbol. You can simply push the small metal plate on the lock to the side with the key. Then the key goes in easily.

Unlock the Model 3 hitch

Now you can unlock the lock by pulling the handle up and turning it clockwise until it clicks into place. This lowers the previously visible pins at the end of the trailer hitch.

Insert the tow hitch into the mount

Now you can insert the Model 3 trailer hitch into the receptacle with a little effort until you hear it click into place. Then check if it is firmly attached. It shouldn't wobble at all now.

Lock Model 3 hitch

Lock trailer hitch

Next, turn the red key counterclockwise 180 degrees to "Lock" and remove it. Now your tow hitch is successfully mounted on your Tesla Model 3!

Remove the Model 3 hitch

If you want to remove the trailer hitch from your Tesla 3, simply do the steps in reverse. You put the red key in the lock and turn until the arrow points to “unlock”, then you pull out the screw, turn it clockwise until it engages and then simply pull the hitch down and off.

Then you put the cover back into the holder and then take the dust protection cap, clamp it in its intended place and turn the two plastic screws 90 degrees again so that the plate is tight. This minimizes the ingress of dirt and dust.

We recommend that you put all parts of the Tesla tow hitch back in their place in the foam. This way you will notice immediately if something is missing.

Connect a trailer or bike rack to Model 3

Once you have placed your bike rack or trailer on the ball head, all you have to do is place the plug in the socket of your Tesla Model 3. To do this, open the protective flap of the socket from right to left, insert the plug and then turn it clockwise until it clicks into place.

Now check whether your Tesla Model 3 has correctly recognized your trailer. If you have followed all the steps correctly, you should find a corresponding trailer symbol on the top left of your Model 3 display.

NOTE: Certain features of your Tesla are restricted in trailer mode. For example, you cannot use the autopilot and the sensors for reversing are also deactivated.

Disable trailer mode

If you don't have a trailer mounted, but only a bike rack, you may not want the features just mentioned to be disabled by your Tesla Model 3. If so, you can use trailer mode You can easily disable it manually by going to the Pedals & Steering menu and sliding the trailer mode slider to the left at the bottom.

Tesla trailer mode

Once you've done that, you'll notice that the trailer icon on the home screen that was previously blue (trailer plugged in) or red (trailer mode active with no trailer) is no longer displayed or orange.

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