Connect your Tesla to WIFI

Connect your Tesla to WIFI

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are probably the most advanced electric cars on the market. One of the main reasons for this is the regular software updates that equip the vehicles with new features.

What there is to know about the software updates has already been written in a separate guide. In this article, we now want to show you how you can connect your Tesla to WiFi in order to download such an update.

WiFi in Tesla - Why It's Important

Tesla software updates encompass everything from map data and bug fixes to new languages and games, as well as completely new features and functions for Model 3 and Model Y.

While every Tesla has an internet connection, the updates are usually too large to download over it. Therefore, Tesla has decided to always announce software updates in the vehicle, but it's up to the Tesla driver to ensure an internet connection.

The best way to do this is, of course, via WiFi or a WiFi hotspot. We'll now show you exactly how to establish a connection between your Tesla and a WiFi network.

Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting Tesla to WiFi

Step 1: Open the WiFi Menu

At the top right of the large Tesla screen, you'll find a small connectivity symbol. Tap on it, and a small window opens, and your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 starts searching for available networks.

Step 2: Log into the WiFi

Once your Tesla has found the desired network, tap on it and enter the corresponding password.

Tesla WiFi

From our experience, only "normal" WiFi networks can be connected. That is, those that simply require a password to log in. However, if it's one of those networks that open a pop-up in the browser to connect, then it's not possible to connect the Tesla to it.

Step 3: Confirmation

After entering the password, tap "Confirm". Your Tesla will now try to connect to the selected WiFi network. If successful, the Tesla will automatically log in every time it is near this network, so you don't have to enter the password again.

Once successfully connected, your Tesla will display the WiFi symbol at the top of the touchscreen. You are now able to receive software updates.

Connecting Tesla to WiFi Hotspot with Mobile Phone

If you don't have an available WiFi network, you can also create a mobile phone hotspot and connect your Tesla to it. Just make sure you have enough data volume, as updates can be several hundred MB in size.

The procedure to connect your Tesla to a mobile phone hotspot is the same as with WiFi networks. The only difference is that you first have to start the hotspot on the phone and then perform the steps mentioned above.

With the iPhone, we noticed that the hotspot remains visible only for a short time after switching on. If you don't see the iPhone hotspot, just restart it and the problem should be solved.

Tip: You can also connect your Tesla to a mobile hotspot while driving

The advantage is that you can download updates via the mobile hotspot while driving and then start the installation upon arrival. All you have to do is check the box in the WiFi settings for "Stay connected in Drive".


Connecting your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y to WiFi is simple and once you've done it, you won't forget it. By regularly connecting to WiFi, you'll always get new software updates as soon as they are available and can benefit from the innovations. If you want to learn more about your Tesla, then stop by our blog.

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