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Wood design center console wrap at a glance

The custom-fit wrap film in wood design creates a beautiful look for the center console of your Model 3 and Model Y. It also acts as a protection from scratches. The wood wrap particularly refines the design of the black Tesla interior by reflecting the look of the dashboard.

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 center console wrap in wood design is thin enough not to obstruct the sliding storage compartment lid. The foil is slightly wider than the frame of the center console, which makes the result perfect when foiling.

  • Tesla Model Y/3 Wood Design Center Console Wrap
  • Suitable for all current Model 3 and Y
  • Easy to attach
  • Custom fit
  • Easily removable

How is the wood design wrap applied in Model Y and 3?

The wrap is attached in a few minutes, although we recommend taking your time to apply the foil. Align the wood center console wrap correctly. Then use the included tool to stroke outwards from the center until there are no more air bubbles.

The enclosed tool can also be used to get the edges under the edges. Carefully push against the edge again and again until the foil disappears underneath.

What's included?

A Tesla Model Y/3 wood design center console wrap is included, as well as a hard cardboard assembly tool. A cleaning cloth is also included for removing grease and one for wiping dry.

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Anbringung der Folie war leichter als gedacht. Ich hatte befürchtet, dass man das als Normalsterblicher nicht blasenfrei hinbekommt aber hat geklappt. Sehr Empfehlenswert.