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The Tesla Camping Tent "TEMORIES" is the ultimate car tent for your Model Y. It offers space for 4 people, is wind and weatherproof and can be set up in just a few minutes.

The "TEMORIES" Model Y camping tent completely redefines luxury when camping in a Tesla and opens up completely new possibilities. As the first Tesla camping tent in Europe, it has a whole range of ingenious features to offer!

The tent is in the final phase of development, but you can already pre-order it for the next camping season and save a lot! The earlier you buy, the more you save. The price will be adjusted step by step to the final price until the launch. The TEMORIES Tesla tents will be delivered from March 31st, 2024.


Tesla Model Y Camping Tent TEMORIES

The ultimate Tesla Model Y camping tent

  • Developed to fit the Tesla Model Y
  • Set up in just a few minutes thanks to the patented quick lock mechanism
  • Lots of space for 4 people
  • Wind and waterproof up to 1,500mm rain on the sides and 3,000mm on the bottom
  • Mosquito-free thanks to nets on all openings
  • High quality 210D Oxford material
  • Also stands without Tesla
  • Fireproof
  • Suitable for Tesla Model Y
  • Dimensions
    • Large Room: 240*190*210cm
    • Smaller Room 240*140*200cm


If you can't wait to test the "TEMORIES" Tesla Camping Tent for yourself, we have created a great opportunity for you. Because you can rent it already. You can find more information here .

Tesla camping redefined

The "TEMORIES" Tesla Model Y Camping Tent combines the best of two worlds. The modern technology of the Tesla Model Y and the freedom and tranquility of camping in nature. This creates a beautiful retreat for outdoor adventurers, families and camping fans.

Easy construction

Setting up the Tesla Camping Tent is child's play thanks to the patented quick lock mechanism and only takes a few minutes. The "TEMORIES" tent is so easy to set up that you can set it up all by yourself.

Dismantling and stowing the tent in the carry bag is just as easy.

Space for the entire family

The Model Y tent "TEMORIES" allows you to camp in your Tesla with your entire family. Now you don't have to sacrifice space or comfort. Because with the tent you now have 2 more rooms in addition to the trunk where you can spread out with your family. And if you have your four-legged friend with you, then he will also find a nice place where he can curl up.

Be flexible on your camping holiday

The tent is very spacious with its 250*250*210cm and you can dock your Model Y directly to the tent with the tailgate open. You can even use the heating or air conditioning of your vehicle in the tent.

If you then want to go on day trips, you can simply leave the "TEMORIES" tent standing and dock the Tesla again later. But that's not all with flexibility. Because the tent has also been developed in such a way that you can access all the doors of your Model Y at any time and use it optimally.

Covered outdoor area

TEMORIES Tesla Camping Tent Outdoor

With such a spacious camping tent, a beautiful covered outdoor area should not be missing. Because what could be nicer than sitting outside in the shade in summer and enjoying nature.

The canopy is big enough that you can easily put a table with 4 chairs under it. So you have a great dining area right in front of the door when camping.

Protected against all dangers

Of course, the weather is not always nice on a Tesla camping holiday. That's why we only selected the best materials and tested the tent extensively against the weather.

The result is a waterproof and windproof tent that can withstand up to 1,500mm of rain on the walls and roof and a full 3,000mm of rain on the ground.

But you are not only protected against wind and weather in the "TEMORIES" Model Y camping tent. No, even mosquitoes don't stand a chance in the tent. Mosquito nets are attached to all openings in the tent. So you always have enough fresh air without insects getting inside the tent.

Ventilated, heated or cooled

Yes, you heard correctly. The "TEMORIES" camping tent is ventilated, heated or cooled. Because in addition to the ventilation openings on the sides of the tent, it was developed for a Tesla. And that means you can use Tesla Camp Mode.

Model Y camping tent TEMORIES interior

This ensures that your Model Y is kept warm throughout the night and that the air is constantly exchanged. So you can sleep comfortably on your matching TEMORIES mattress and wake up in a pleasant environment, without any fogged up windows. 

You can also use this great Tesla feature when the trunk is open and since the Tesla Camping Tent encloses the trunk opening of your Tesla Model Y almost airtight, this means that you can also ventilate, heat or cool the tent.

Exceptional entertainment

But the Model Y is also absolutely exceptional when it comes to entertainment before bed. Because you can listen to music or audio books via the 15 speakers in the vehicle, or make yourself comfortable and watch a film on Netflix, Disney+ and Co.

Scope of delivery

The Tesla Model Y Camping Tent "TEMORIES" comes in a complete package:

  • "TEMORIES" Tesla Model Y Camping Tent
  • Carrying Bag
  • Herrings
  • Ropes

Be one of the first to own Europe's first Tesla Camping Tent and pre-order now at a huge discount. If you want to test it out this year, simply rent it from our partner Veltyx together with a Model Y.

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Customer Reviews

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Can the tent share the air conditioner of the EV in summer and winter?

Share the air conditioner of the EV in summer and winter, with double layer doors and windows.

Tent for 2 instead of tent for 4!!

How can you use a camping tent for 4 people when it doesn'tfit in the trunk? Where will our children sit when you need the space for the tent?

When packed, the tent is small enough to fit through the middle seat. So your children have more than enough room to sit on the right and left back seat.