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The matt black "Shadow Turbines" Tesla Model Y hubcaps make the 19-inch rims an absolute eye-catcher. With their matt black finish, they give your Model Y an elegant look. These hubcaps are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and weatherproof.

The design of the "Shadow Turbines" hubcaps resembles an aircraft turbine and makes the Model Y look dynamically modern. The matt black surface provides that certain extra and a mysterious look.


  • High-quality hubcaps for Model Y 19" rims
  • Colour: matte black
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Weatherproof, also suitable for winter


Made from high-quality plastic, the "Shadow Turbines" hubcaps are robust and resistant to everyday wear and tear. They can be used all year round without hesitation.


The installation of the "Shadow Turbines" hubcaps is very easy. Thanks to their special fit, they fit perfectly on the 19-inch rims of your Tesla Model Y. You can assemble them yourself quickly and easily without having to use any additional tools.

The hubcaps are supplied in a set of 4. Installation couldn't be simpler:

  1. Clean rims well
  2. Attach adhesive backing strips to the back
  3. Attach Tape to the rims for protection
  4. Align "Shadow Turbines" so that the valve fits into the recess
  5. Press until the wheel caps are snug

4 identical hubcaps are supplied. Thanks to the uniform design of the hubcaps, you don't have to worry about which hubcap goes with which wheel. Installation is quick and easy.

If a single hub cap is damaged, you can also buy them individually.

Made for individualists

The "Shadow Turbines" hubcaps are ideal for Tesla Model Y drivers who want to give their vehicle an individual and elegant look. They not only offer an attractive design, but also protect your rims from dirt, stone chipping and the effects of the weather.

Make a statement with the "Shadow Turbines" hubcaps and enjoy the unique look they give your Tesla Model Y. Get them today and experience the perfect mix of style, functionality and quality.

Customer Reviews

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Qualität tadellos

Die Kappen sind aus sehr stabilen Kunststoff. Ich hatte hier bedenken dass sich das billig anfühlt aber es ist wirklich gut.

Wunderschöne Radkappen

Habe die Radkappen sofort bestellt, als ich sie gesehen habe. Sie sind wirklich wunderschön und machen auch qualitativ einen tollen Eindruck. Endlich mal ein Design, das man nicht an jeder Ecke sieht!