Apply for a GHG quota for Tesla

Apply for a GHG quota for Tesla

The greenhouse gas reduction quota allows every owner of a Tesla to receive over 400 euros per year as a GHG bonus . The best thing about it is that you don't have to sell the certificates yourself, you can simply register online, upload your Tesla's vehicle registration document and receive the bonus. Although this applies to all electric car drivers, we have compiled all the information for Tesla owners in this article.

What is the GHG quota?

When you bought your Tesla, you were able to apply for the environmental bonus and received up to €6,000 in government funding. Now you can get an additional €400 per year as a cash payment for your Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y through the GHG bonus. This is made possible by the greenhouse gas reduction quota, or GHG quota for short. Are you wondering what that is?

Driving an electric car and therefore also a Tesla saves CO2 compared to combustion engines. The state rewards these saved CO2 emissions with environmental certificates. You can now have the reduced emissions credited to you and receive a bonus of at least 400 euros a year. This applies to both private individuals and fleet operators. All Tesla drivers can therefore claim the cash payment for their Model 3 or Model Y. And the best part? The application only takes 5 minutes.

What is the GHG premium for a Tesla?

To answer this question, one has to distinguish between the price vendors get in the market when they sell the quota and the GHG premium that ultimately reaches the owner of the Tesla or other electric car.

The GHG quota is currently trading above 450 euros. The bonus for you as a Tesla driver is at least 400 euros - tax-free as of recently! The difference is the margin of the companies that buy the GHG quotas individually and resell them in bundles.

How can I make money with the GHG quota?

earn money with GHG quota

If you register your Tesla or other electric car with one of the providers, your application for certification of your quota will be submitted to the state. The Federal Environment Agency then issues environmental certificates for your Tesla, which are then bought by petroleum companies, for example. You will be certified by the German government as a driver of a Tesla GHG quota in the specified amount.

You will be rewarded for driving a Tesla and can earn money through the GHG bonus. However, you cannot sell your CO2 certificates yourself, you have to sell them through one of the GHG providers. But what do you have to do now to get the THG bonus credited?

There are now many companies that are active in certificate trading. This is remarkable, since the greenhouse gas reduction quota for e-cars can only be applied for from 2022. They all allow owners of Teslas and other e-cars to certify the emissions saved via their website. They also take care of processing the applications to the authorities.

In most cases, there is a wait for the Federal Environment Agency to approve the subsidies before the GHG premium is paid out. This is often due to the fact that duplicates are only noticed and sorted out in the authorities.

So the process is as follows: As the owner of a Tesla, you go to the website of the respective GHG quote provider. When you register an account there, you provide a few details such as name and email. You then have access to the respective portal. At this point, you have not committed to anything.

There is no turning back until you as a user upload a photo of your vehicle registration document and submit the application. Now you can't switch to another platform either. From now on it's time to wait. This can currently take up to 12 weeks.

How do I get the highest reward for my Tesla?

Immediately after registering on the website of the respective company in THG quota trading, you can enter your data there. This includes a picture of your Tesla's registration number. Once you have filled out everything and uploaded the vehicle registration document, you only have to wait for the payment. Since there are many providers, the question arises as to where the highest GHG premium for Tesla can be found.

We tried the provider with the highest premium for you. This is geld-fuer-eauto and pays you at least 400 euros GHG bonus. We received the payout within 12 weeks and everything went smoothly. With over 1,700 excellent reviews on Trustpilot, the provider is definitely trustworthy.

So all you have to do is register your Tesla using the link below.

That's how easy it is to receive the GHG bonus for your Tesla. It's done in 5 minutes:

  1. Register viathis link

    1. Upload vehicle registration

    2. Get 400€ THG bonus as commission .

After you have uploaded a photo of your vehicle registration document, the vehicle data will be checked and the documents will then be submitted to the federal authority. The Federal Environment Agency then certifies the emissions saved. Once the environmental certificates have been issued, your GHG quota is sold by the pooling company.

You will usually get the money paid out within 12 weeks. As the owner of an electric car, you are entitled to the GHG bonus every year.

How long does it take for the GHG bounty to be paid out for my Tesla?

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Depending on the provider, customer applications are collected at the end of the month. Of course, this means that it takes longer if you register the application for your Tesla or electric car at the beginning of a month.

Each e-car vehicle owner can only apply for the certificates for their saved greenhouse gas emissions once a year. Make sure you also read the small print, because many providers make you commit to staying with this provider for 2 years.

Since the greenhouse gas quota has only existed since 2022, but many providers had already opened their portals for registration, there were delays. The large number of customer applications that were submitted at once meant that the first bonuses were only paid out after more than 3 months.

Based on the current status, you can expect it to take around 6-12 weeks from the application to the payment of your GHG bonus. After the application is approved, the traders sell the quotas to, for example, petroleum companies, and then the customers are paid the GHG premium.

Do I have to pay tax on the GHG premium?

Tax GHG premium


The GHG premium has been tax-free since May 2022. Specifically, it says " The receipt of GHG premiums for e-vehicles from private assets are non-taxable benefits . These premiums are therefore not subject to income tax."

This allows you to receive the entire GHG bonus of at least 400 euros without having to pay tax on it.

For companies

For companies, the GHG quota that they receive for their Tesla counts as operating income and must therefore continue to be taxed. " If the e-vehicle can be assigned to business assets, the GHG premiums represent business income in the income tax assessment."

Who buys the odds?

Who actually buys the GHG quota from Tesla drivers? Mineral oil companies with high CO2 emissions are repeatedly named as the main buyers of the GHG quota. In fact, many companies in the transport sector have been buying similar quotas from companies like Tesla for years.

However, it has only been possible since 2022 for owners of an e-car to be part of this brand by selling the quotas bundled through intermediaries.

Why do you get money from the GHG quota?

The legislator dictates to all companies how many tons of CO2 they may produce. If the requirements are not met, there are high fines. It is cheaper for these companies if they buy greenhouse gas reduction quotas, i.e. GHG quotas. They buy these in the form of environmental certificates. In this way, fossil energies become more expensive and electromobility is promoted with the money.

For these large companies, it is uninteresting to buy individual GHG quotas from Tesla drivers or drivers of other electric cars. That's why there are pooling companies like , which buy GHG quotas from e-car drivers and resell them in large packages. As a Tesla driver, you get a cash bonus of 400 euros every year thanks to the GHG quota.

And the best? As soon as you have entered your data and verified your e-mail address, you don't have to worry about anything else. Because everything else, such as applying for, selling and paying out the GHG premium, is included in the service of the quota companies.

For which vehicles can I apply for the GHG quota?

First things first: You can apply for the GHG quota for every Tesla - even if you own several. Whether Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y - you can apply for the GHG bonus. You will receive a cash bonus of 400 euros per vehicle.

Tesla Models Copyright: Tesla

So what are you waiting for? Register your Tesla or electric vehicle now and collect the cash bonus.

Can I get the GHG bounty when leasing a Tesla Model 3 or Y?

You can get the GHG quota whenever you own the vehicle. As a rule, the lessee is entered as the owner in the vehicle registration document. However, this is handled differently by leasing companies. So you can easily check whether you can apply for the GHG quota as a Tesla lessee.

Check the vehicle registration information for your Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, S or X to find out if you own it. If this is the case, you can apply for the quota and earn money with your e-car.

Do I get the GHG quota as a Tesla owner if I haven't owned the vehicle for the whole year?

Yes, you get the full €400 for a new electric car and Tesla, regardless of when it was registered. If you bought a used car, the previous owner may have already received the quota for the vehicle. In this case, you will only receive the GHG bonus from the following year. In this case, it is better to clarify this with the previous owner of your Tesla.

What happens to my GHG quota if I sell the car?

The GHG quota is not a subsidy but an environmental certificate that can be issued once a year for each vehicle. You sell this certificate through the respective provider. Since the certificate is issued for each e-car and not for the use of the e-car, you don't have to pay back anything pro rata.

If you have already received the GHG bonus for your Tesla in the current year, you do not have to pay it back when you sell it. In this case, you keep the 400 euros income and the new owner of the Tesla can no longer claim it for this year.

Can I sell my GHG quota to multiple providers?

Companies involved in GHG quota trading have no way of checking the content of other sites. This makes it technically possible for you to register with several providers. However, you have none of it. Since the GHG premium is only paid out once the application has been approved by the Federal Environment Agency, the duplicate will be noticed at the latest when the application is checked.

So registering with multiple providers only doubles the work for you and you get no benefit from it. Everyone can only sell their quota once.

Will my GHG quota expire if I don't claim it?

Selling environmental certificates to mineral oil companies so that they can avoid the penalties sounds like a contradictory idea at first. Why should these companies be supported to continue emitting CO2?

But if you look behind the scenes you can see that it makes no difference if you hold back your Tesla GHG quota yourself. The quota is then sold by the state. So you are the loser here.

Let's look at it this way: As a Tesla driver, by selling your GHG quota at the highest price, you can ensure that fossil energies become more expensive and electromobility and green electricity are promoted. Soapply now for the GHG quota for your Tesla and collect the 400 euro cash bonus. You are entitled to it.

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