Tesla Wrapping - Ultimate Guide

Tesla Wrapping - Ultimate Guide

If the color selection when buying a Tesla Model 3 or Y is not enough for you, you have the option of having your Tesla wrapped. A Tesla wrap is also worthwhile if you want to protect the paintwork from scratches or stone chips. This is the best way to have the paintwork and the Tesla still looks good years later.

We researched, conducted interviews with people who had their Tesla wrapped and of course spoke directly to wrappers. We've then put together all the information you need if you want to have your Tesla wrapped.

Key Points at a Glance

A Tesla wrap is used to give the vehicle a unique color or a special finish beyond the standard color options from Tesla and/or to protect the paint from scratches or stone chips.

  • Customization options: The wrap allows for an almost unlimited selection of colors and finish options such as matte, glossy, or satin. This enables complete personalization of the vehicle.
  • Protective function: In addition to visual customization, the wrap also serves as a protective layer for the original paint of the Tesla, protecting it from stone chips and scratches.
  • Cost: The cost for a full visual wrap of a Tesla ranges between 1,200 and 2,500 euros, while special protective films like self-healing stone chip protection films can cost up to 6,000 euros. Window tinting costs an additional 200-500 euros.
  • Wrap options: There is a distinction between a partial wrap for specific areas of the vehicle and a full wrap for the entire vehicle
  • Professional application: Ideally, the wrap should be applied by professionals to ensure long-term durability and quality of the film.
  • Disadvantage: A disadvantage of wrapping is that the original paint remains visible at non-wrapped spots like door entries, which can incur additional costs if these areas are to be wrapped as well.

What does it mean to wrap a Tesla?

If you want to wrap your Tesla in film, special car wraps are used for this. These are a type of decal specifically designed to fit the unique body shape of the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y and come in a variety of styles.

In the following pictures you can see how the 3M film "Pine Green Matte" is attached to the Tesla Model Y by YouTuber Christian Leipner . To do this, trim strips on the wheel housing and other parts are removed in order to cover the largest possible area with a piece of wrap. You can also find more pictures of the end result on his Instagram account .

Tesla Model Y foiling Matt é Green

Matt colors in particular can be implemented very well with a film, since you can work with an additional protective layer to protect the film underneath from scratches.

Wrapping Tesla Model Y Pine Green Matte

The selection of films is almost limitless. There are wraps in color, matt, glossy, satin and much more. This allows full freedom in designing your personal Tesla or an entire fleet of cars for your company.

The wrap can either be applied to the entire vehicle or only part of it. Basically, a film protects the underlying paint from stone chips and scratches. There are also car films with a special UV protection layer, which protects the film from fading.

Why should you have your Tesla wrapped?

Tesla wraps are a great solution for both business people and car enthusiasts. Because it not only protects the Tesla from everyday damage, but also allows you to create a unique look. The matt black film " Brussafol CC5013" can be seen in the following picture.

Tesla wrap matt black

Especially if you want more color choices than the 5 colors offered by Tesla, it is worth thinking about a wrap. The cheapest way to get away with this is to order your Model Y or 3 in white - i.e. in the color that does not come with extra cost.

Then you can wrap the Tesla and you already have your desired color at the best possible price. The big advantage over painting is that the film can be removed again if you later want to sell the vehicle in its original condition.

Below we would like to explain in detail the advantages of having your Tesla wrapped.

Against stone chips

One of the main reasons that speaks for a wrap is the protection against stone chips and scratches. Either a partial foil can be attached to the vulnerable areas or to the entire Tesla.

Anyone who is satisfied with the color of their Model Y or 3 can also have a transparent stone chip film attached. A film is particularly worthwhile for the bumper and bonnet. The Tesla wrap against stone chipping is available in different qualities and price ranges. Films are also often applied in layers to ensure maximum protection.

A good wrap not only protects against stone chipping, but is also self-healing. As a result, the film is more durable and minor damage disappears quickly.


Tesla only offers 5 colors for Model Y and 3. Only one color - white - is available at no extra charge. So if you want a little more individuality, you should take a look at wrapping.

Model Y Green wrapping

Wrapping is particularly suitable for those who want a matt finish. The reason for this is that matt paint is often very susceptible to small scratches, for example, car washes can lead to micro-scratches. The foil does not have these problems.

But patterns on the Tesla can also be implemented with a film.

Paint protection

In addition to stone chips, the paint on your Tesla can also be affected by other environmental influences. Some paintwork can be damaged by even light hail or fingernails around the door handles.

If you have your Tesla wrapped in film, you significantly reduce the risk of such damage and thus also contribute to the value of your Tesla. In addition, dirt no longer adheres so well to the vehicle, which makes cleaning the Tesla easier.

Window tint

Not only the paint of the Tesla can be wrapped, but also the windows. A window tinting can be carried out for purely optical reasons. Especially with the performance model, dark discs go well with the black spokeerturbine hubcaps .

Model Y window tint

But a Tesla window tint can also greatly reduce the penetrating UV radiation and of course protect the interior from prying eyes. This reduces the heat inside your Tesla. The picture above shows an 80% lens tint.

ATTENTION: When tinting windows, only films that have a type approval are allowed. So definitely go to a professional for this. Otherwise the operating license expires. The windscreen and the driver and front passenger windows must also not be tinted.

Tesla partial wrap vs. full wrap

With a partial wrap, only certain areas of your Tesla are wrapped. This makes it possible, for example, to set certain accents. Partial wrapping is also often used in particularly vulnerable areas to protect against stone chips.

Tesla partial wrap

However, partial wrapping is also interesting for companies that want to provide their vehicles with their logo or advertising.

If, on the other hand, you want to make your Tesla as individual as possible, full wrapping is a good idea. Your entire car will be wrapped. You have extensive options such as color, design, pattern, matt, glossy, metallic, etc.

Both partial wrapping and full foiling should always be carried out by professionals. These ensure the necessary preparation in advance and ensure the long-term hold of the film.

Tesla Interior Wrapping

If you would like to wrap the interior of your Tesla Model 3 or Y to make your vehicle more unique, you can find, for example, wraps for the center console or the steering wheel at Tesla Outfitters.

Available choices include carbon look, soft Alcantara, but also single-color wraps in matte black or white. You don't need professional help for these wraps. They are already pre-cut to fit and can be installed in a few minutes.

Also, if you wish to remove the wraps later, that's not a problem. They can be removed without leaving any residue.

How much does a Tesla wrap cost?

If you want to have your Tesla wrapped, the question of the costs naturally arises. Would you like a full wrap for your Model Y or 3? You just want a lens tint? Should only a partial film be applied, or do you only want a stone chip protection foil for certain areas of your vehicle?

Basically, the prices for a full wrap are around €1,200 - €2,500. Self-healing stone chip protection film is significantly more expensive at around €4,000 - €5,000. A window tint is available for around €200-500 and the partial wrapping of a Tesla with stone chip protection film costs around €800.

If you want to do a chrome delete, you pay around 470-680 euros and if you want to foil your rims, you have to reckon with 470-750 euros.

We have gathered our information through research and discussions with wrappers all over Germany. This allows us to give you the results of our research as a guide, so when you get an offer, you know if it is a good one.

Our tip is that you get an offer for your individual needs from several companies. You will receive competent advice and will find the best price/performance ratio for wrapping your Tesla.

How much does a Tesla window tint cost?

The prices for window tinting are manageable. These depend primarily on the quality of the film, tinting level (how much is darkened) and the number of panes that are to be tinted. Tinting is only permitted on windows from the B-pillar to the rear in most parts of Europe.

The prices for tinting the rear side windows of a Tesla are 180-195 euros. Only the rear window about 130 €. Usually a price is offered for the complete tinting. This is usually between 300 and 350 euros.

Where can you have a Tesla wrapped?

You have decided that you want to have your Model Y or 3 wrapped. Now the question arises as to which wrapper you can have this done. We are currently researching a list of good contact points for you and will link them here soon.

Follow us on Instagram to get the list as soon as it comes out.

Does Tesla offer this itself?

No, you cannot have your car wrapped with Tesla itself. While the manufacturer offers some color options when ordering your vehicle, this does not include the option of window tinting or wrapping.

The only thing Tesla offers directly in the shop is a stone chip protection film for the area between the rear wheel arch and the door, as can be seen in the graphic below.

Tesla stone chip protection film

If you want to have your Tesla wrapped, you should contact a company that specializes in this.

Can you wrap yourself?

Theoretically, it is of course possible for you to wrap your Tesla yourself. You can also find countless videos on the Internet that show you how it works.

However, our advice is that you better let professionals do the wrapping of your vehicle. They are not doing this for the first time and know exactly what problems can arise with wrapping, what mistakes are to be avoided, etc.

This not only saves you a lot of time at the end of the day, but also money. Because professionals know how to apply a film for a long time and often give guarantees on their work.

What are the disadvantages of Tesla wrapping?

While the advantages of Tesla wrapping outweigh the disadvantages, there are of course some disadvantages that you should be aware of.

First of all, wrapping is time-consuming. This means that you should choose the time for the application of the film well. Because the Tesla will have to spend 3-7 days with the wrapper.

The biggest disadvantage of a Tesla wrap is that the original paint is visible on the door sills and insides. These places are not foiled. When you open the door or the trunk, you can see the paint underneath.

If you want these areas to be wrapped, prices for a single inside door can easily reach €500. This is because hinges, rubber seals, lock elements, etc. have to be dismantled, which involves considerable additional work.

Is Tesla wrapping worth it?

Model Y Green foil

Now that we have given an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla wrapping, the question arises as to whether Tesla wrapping is worth it. For anyone who wants a different color for their Tesla than those offered by Tesla, the question can be answered very clearly:

Yes, it is worth wrapping a Tesla. Especially if you order the Tesla in white (or in the free color option) and then have a wrap applied. So you can get the color you want for the same price as a Tesla color option and also protect the paintwork.

If you are already satisfied with the Tesla color option, you should get the stone chip protection film. Because this can maintain the value of the vehicle for years.

Films can not only be attached to the outside of the Tesla. There are also wraps made of Alcantara, for example for the steering wheel or center console, which bring a little more individuality to the interior.

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