Tesla Premium Connectivity explained

Tesla Premium Connectivity explained

Tesla Premium Connectivity is the mobile internet package for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. For just a few euros a month, you get access to mobile data and can then stream unlimitedly, use the browser, and always have up-to-date satellite maps.

This article discusses everything included in this package and, most importantly, whether Tesla Premium Connectivity is worth the money. This way, you have all the information in one place and can decide for yourself whether it's worth the investment or not.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Tesla Premium Connectivity offers access to real-time traffic data, satellite maps, video & music streaming, and a web browser for a monthly fee
  • Standard Connectivity includes basic maps, navigation, and music streaming via Bluetooth for eight years for free
  • Premium Connectivity currently costs €9.99 per month, and activation is simple via the Tesla app or the touchscreen in the vehicle

What is Tesla Premium Connectivity?

Simply put, Tesla Premium Connectivity is like an e-SIM card. It gives you access to cellular data-based functions. This software package is available for Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and X.

Essentially, your Model 3 or Model Y also works without Premium Connectivity but, of course, with slightly limited functions.

Features of Tesla Premium Connectivity

Tesla Premium Connectivity offers a range of features, all available because Premium Connectivity is a mobile internet package. These include:

  • Real-time traffic data
  • Satellite maps
  • Video and music streaming
  • Web browser
  • Sentry Mode streaming

In the 2024 Tesla Model 3, as well as Model S and X, which have an additional screen in the back for passengers, streaming is also enabled while driving through the Premium subscription.

Note: For Netflix, Disney+, and others, the Premium Connectivity does not include a subscription. You must have your own account for that and can log in through it. The Tesla package is just there to have internet for streaming.

There's a small exception for live traffic data. The Premium Connectivity package is not supposed to limit driving functions. Therefore, Tesla has set it up so that live traffic data always flows into the route planning for Tesla vehicles. Without the package, however, real-time traffic is not visualized in the navigation.

Standard vs. Premium Connectivity

Tesla Standard Connectivity offers the basics like maps, navigation, and music streaming via Bluetooth, while Premium Connectivity offers additional extras like cellular data-based connectivity and advanced infotainment options. According to Tesla, you can use Standard Connectivity for free for eight years from purchase. Basic functions like over-the-air updates, traffic data-based navigation, and current Supercharger data are already included in Standard Connectivity. No Premium subscription is necessary for this.

Tesla Standard vs. Premium Connectivity

While you can only use the streaming services via WiFi or hotspot with Standard Connectivity, you can do this with the mobile data of Premium Connectivity anytime on the go. The data package is unlimited, so you don't have to worry about using too much data.

Note: Tesla software updates are downloaded exclusively over WiFi - regardless of whether you use Standard or Premium Connectivity. You can find more details about this here.

Costs of Tesla Premium Connectivity

In Germany and Austria, Tesla Premium Connectivity costs €9.99 per month. This price is quite reasonable considering the many additional features and benefits that Premium Connectivity offers.

For new vehicles, the Premium Connectivity is often included for free for a few months.

Activating Premium Connectivity

Activating Premium Connectivity is done via the Tesla app or the touchscreen in Model 3 or Model Y. The subscription can be canceled and reactivated at any time. Payment is made via the credit card stored in the Tesla account.

In the app, you can activate Premium Connectivity by scrolling down on the start screen and going to the Upgrades menu item. There, you select the option and activate it.

Tesla Premium Connectivity activation

In all Tesla vehicles, the Premium package can also be activated via the large screen in the vehicle. Here too, there is the Upgrades menu item under which Tesla Premium Connectivity can be activated.

WiFi Hotspots as an Alternative

If you don't want to pay for Premium Connectivity, you can alternatively use WiFi and mobile hotspots. With them, you can also use streaming services, etc.

However, you can't completely replace the Tesla Premium subscription with this. Because functions like the real-time Sentry Mode footage, the live traffic display, and the Google Maps satellite images are only available with Tesla Premium Connectivity.

Is Investing in Premium Connectivity Worth It?

Whether investing in Premium Connectivity is worth it depends on how often you use the extended functions. The live traffic flow display alone is a good reason to subscribe. But especially if you like to watch movies or YouTube at the Supercharger or while Tesla camping, then Premium Connectivity is definitely worth it for you.


To summarize: Tesla Premium Connectivity is like a SIM card and offers you internet on the go. This gives you access to functions like live traffic data, music and film streaming, and the browser. You can activate or deactivate the subscription at any time and pay €9.99 per month.

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