Important Tesla Accessories for Families with Kids

Important Tesla Accessories for Families with Kids

The Tesla Model Y is excellently suited for families with children thanks to its generous space. However, some areas in the Tesla can take a beating from the little ones. In this article, we'll show you how you can best protect these areas and what useful Tesla Model Y accessories are available for families.

We are Tesla outfitters. As Tesla accessory experts, we deal with all Tesla models on a daily basis and are happy to personally advise our customers on our products. In this post, we summarize all the information that our customers frequently ask us about. If you have any further questions at the end of this article, we are happy to assist you via email or WhatsApp.

All-Weather Rubber Mats for the Footwell

If you have children, you can't avoid them eating snacks in the Tesla or getting in with dirty shoes after sports. This brings a lot of dirt into the footwell. The Long Range and Performance models of the Tesla Model Y come with fabric floor mats, whereas the Standard Range variant is handed over to families without mats. However, what families actually need are durable rubber mats.

Such rubber mats must be high-edged, so that crumbs, dirt, and liquids cannot get underneath them, and of course, they must be easily washable. With a little water and a damp cloth, the traces of the last family outing should be removable.

For this purpose, Tesla outfitters offer the All-Weather Rubber Mat Set. This not only protects the footwell but also all the trunk compartments. Especially in the large trunk, where strollers or sports bags are often stored, signs of wear quickly become visible. But also the front trunk and the lower trunk are well protected with the mats.

Anti-Kick Seat Protectors Against Marks on the Front Seats

Children like to kick against the back of the front seats during the ride, which can lead to unsightly imprints or dirt. The seats in the Tesla Model Y have a plastic shell on the back, which can quickly get scratched.

To prevent such marks, we recommend a kick protection or an Anti-Kick Seat Protector. It is simply pulled over the plastic part on the back of the front seats and effectively protects them from small feet in dirty shoes. The material can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth and a bit of water, and the seats underneath are not worn out.

The seat protectors are made of vegan leather, making them blend so well into the interior of the Tesla Model Y that they look as if they belong there. You don't have to do without the small pocket, as the seat protectors also have one. The package includes 2 pieces, one for each seat.

Child Seat Underlay to Prevent Marks on Vegan Leather

The vegan leather seats of the Tesla Model Y are easy to clean, but marks from the use of a child seat can quickly appear on the material, which are permanent.

If you are using a child seat in the Tesla Model Y, you should definitely use a child seat underlay underneath it. The high-quality 600D material is water-repellent and easy to clean. The anti-slip underside ensures that the child seat does not slide back and forth. Of course, it can be attached directly to the Isofix points. Last but not least, the child seat underlay also offers two small pockets at the front of the seat, which parents will surely find useful.

Tesla Game Controller for Entertainment at the Charging Station

Tesla Game Controller

Longer drives with the electric car also mean breaks at charging stations. To prevent the children from getting bored during these breaks, the Tesla Game Controller is a great option. It allows you to use the games integrated into the car and ensures maximum fun with Beach Buggy and the like during charging time.

Two controllers can be used at the same time, and our controllers are of course wireless. Due to their size, they can be easily stored in the center console when not in use.

Screen Mount for the Back Seats

You're on your way to vacation and find yourself in traffic once again. You're already feeling restless, and then the whining starts from the back because the kids are getting bored. Since the main screen can't be used for entertainment while driving, you need to find another solution.

Screen mount for Tesla back seats

With a screen mount for the back seats, you can easily attach phones and tablets or iPads to the back of the front seats. This way, the kids can watch a movie while you are driving or stuck in traffic. And don't worry about battery life; there are 2 USB-C ports on the back of the center console for charging.

Emergency Hammer for the Worst-Case Scenario (which hopefully never happens)

The safety of your family is the top priority. An emergency hammer in the Tesla Model Y is a small, but life-saving accessory. It's designed to smash windows and cut seat belts in an emergency. This is especially crucial in accidents where the car ends up in water, and it’s the only way to escape. This ensures a quick rescue when it’s needed most. The sharp blade on one side and the point on the other are completely child-safe. The point only comes out when struck with a lot of force, and the blade is well protected from children’s fingers.

Tesla Seat Belt Pads: Comfort on Long Journeys

Especially with smaller children, the car’s seat belt can sometimes cut into them and cause discomfort because it sits too close to the neck. The seat belt pads make the seat belt in the Tesla Model Y comfortably soft and prevent it from cutting in. The children travel more comfortably, and you as a parent can be at ease as well.


With the right accessories, your Model Y becomes the perfect family car. Tesla accessories for families with children not only protect the vehicle but also provide entertainment, comfort, and safety for the youngest passengers. At Tesla Ausstatter, you'll find a wide range of products specifically designed to meet the needs of families with children. Equip your Model Y with these and enjoy time in the Model Y with your family.

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