Tesla logo - this is what is stands for

Tesla logo - this is what is stands for

The Tesla brand was recently declared the most valuable car brand in the world. No automaker emblem is as recognizable as the Tesla logo. But what does the iconic design stand for?

In this article, we'll explain the meaning of the Tesla logo, its history, and how it became the most recognizable automotive logo in the world. But let's unveil the secret right at the beginning.


  1. What does the shape of the Tesla logo mean?
  2. What does the Tesla logo stand for?
  3. Who designed the Tesla logo?
  4. What did the Tesla logo look like in the past?

      What does the shape of the Tesla logo mean?

      Tesla logo meaning

      The Tesla logo looks very similar to the Tesla initial T, which is why it is often assumed that the T stands for the Tesla brand name. However, that is not correct. Because the origin of the logo is of a technical nature and not a letter.

      The Tesla logo represents part of a rotor from the cross section of an electric motor. Taking the cross section of the electric motor shows the similarity and true meaning of the Tesla logo. Elon Musk personally confirmed this via Twitter.

      It is interesting to know that this is the cross-section of a DC motor. However, the company of boss Elon Musk does not install this in its vehicles. Instead, it pays homage to physicist and Tesla namesake Nikola Tesla. The physicist is credited with inventing the DC generator.

      The arc above the Tesla logo represents the electric motor's stator, while the Tesla "T" shows part of the rotor. The Tesla logo is not just a pretty design, but has a deeper meaning.

      What does the Tesla logo stand for?

      With the homage to the DC generator from namesake Nikola Tesla, the Tesla logo not only stands for electric cars like the Model 3 or Y. Instead, the Tesla logo represents the core values ​​of the company: innovation, sustainability and electrical energy.

      The logo thus represents Tesla's vision of changing the world towards sustainable energy. The sleek, pointed logo represents the company's focus on cutting-edge technology and innovation, while the emblem's simplicity represents "First Principles Thinking".

      According to the Tesla boss, the resemblance to the letter T is just a side effect and more of a coincidence.

      Who designed the Tesla logo?

      The Tesla logo was not developed by Tesla boss Elon Musk. Instead, it was designed by design firm RO Studio, also known for their work on the SpaceX logo. The company has thus created a logo that has been steadily gaining recognition for 20 years and now embodies the most valuable car brand in the world .

      What did the Tesla logo look like in the past?

      Tesla's first logo already represented the "T" we know today. However, at that time it was always seen on a coat of arms and was used with the company name "Tesla Motors".

      Tesla logo before vs today

      It was only in 2017 that Tesla decided to modernize the logo and adapt both the logo and the lettering. So today no coat of arms is used anymore and the "Motors" was removed from the lettering. This changed the logo towards minimalism, which is a modern and contemporary design. The font issue was also addressed and changed.

      Today, only the emblem is shown on the hood of Tesla Model 3, Y and Co., while the lettering is more commonly used on clothing and other Tesla products.

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