How to use the Tesla keycard

How to use the Tesla keycard

Each Tesla Model Y and Model 3 comes with two key cards that fit comfortably into your wallet. These cards are not only practical but also an excellent backup if your mobile key ever fails. They give you the ability to unlock, lock, and start your car anytime, anywhere. Here's how.

Unlocking Tesla with a Key Card

To unlock or lock your Model Y or Model 3 with the key card, position the card at the B-pillar on the driver's side of your Tesla. The card reader is located directly beneath the Autopilot camera on the door pillar.

As soon as the car recognizes your card, it will illuminate the headlights and unfold the mirrors (or fold them when locking) if the mirror folding function is activated.

    If the acoustic locking confirmation is turned on, you will also hear a quiet beep as confirmation. If you hear several quick beeps in succession, the locking process did not work, for example, because a door is still open.

    Note: You may need to hold the card against the reader for one or two seconds for the vehicle to respond.

    Starting Tesla with the Key Card

    Start Tesla with a Keycard

    After entering your Tesla, press the brake pedal within two minutes of scanning the key card to start the Model Y or Model 3.

    If you wait longer than two minutes, you will need to re-authenticate the card. For this, simply place the card on the card reader located behind the cup holders in the center console.

    Note: If you've activated the "Lock After Removal" feature and you move away with the key card, the Model Y or Model 3 will not lock or unlock automatically. This only works with the mobile key.

    Why the Key Card Makes Sense

    Sure, one could argue that the Tesla mobile key is much better than the Tesla key card, but the phone's battery can run out, or the phone can be lost.

    For this reason, you should always carry the Tesla key card in your wallet. If you ever lose it, you can simply delete it in the vehicle under "Locks". This way, no one can find the card and open or even drive your car with it.

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