Tesla workshops - the Tesla Body Shops

Tesla workshops - the Tesla Body Shops

If you're a new Tesla customer, the Tesla system is probably quite unusual for you at first. A Tesla is ordered online and the car is later picked up at a delivery center. Then there are the Tesla workshops - the body shops - which we will explain in more detail in this article.

What Tesla doesn't have, unlike most other car brands, is regular service intervals. Instead, a Tesla only shows up in the service centers operated by Tesla itself if serious problems arise.

In addition, there are also the so-called service rangers for less complicated work, who come directly to your home or workplace if this is necessary. Appointments with the service center or a service ranger can be conveniently booked via the Tesla app.

Certified Tesla workshops or "Tesla Body Shops" only come into play when something needs to be done on the vehicle body. They are independent companies acting on behalf of Tesla.

In this short article we would like to explain to you what the Tesla Body Shops are, what they do and when you can contact them. After this article you are well prepared if you ever have to go to a Tesla workshop yourself.

  1. What are Tesla Body Shops?
  2. When does a Tesla have to be repaired in the Tesla Body Shop?
  3. How do I find the nearest Tesla workshop?
  4. Does Tesla have its own workshops?
  5. What is the difference between a Tesla Service Center and a Tesla Body Shop?
  6. Do I have to have the tire changed at the Tesla Body Shop?

What are Tesla Body Shops?

In short, Tesla Body Shops are Tesla certified workshops. Only they can obtain original parts and carry out work on the body without voiding the warranty. This is not possible for other car workshops.

These certified Tesla workshops may also use the designation "Tesla approved Body Shop". You are therefore part of the authorized network of Tesla Body Shops.

Each Tesla Body Shop is validated very carefully in advance for its suitability. In addition, all Tesla workshops are regularly trained and kept up to date on new Teslas and are constantly checked through the "Body Repair Program".

When does a Tesla have to be repaired in the Tesla Body Shop?

You should definitely have certain work on your Tesla vehicle repaired at certified Tesla workshops. This includes all structural work on the vehicle body and all repairs and interventions that may affect your Tesla's warranty.

Important: under no circumstances go to another repair shop, otherwise you will lose the right to the warranty for your vehicle!

How do I find the nearest Tesla workshop?

There are Tesla workshops all over Europe. If you need a Tesla Body Shop for your Model S, 3, X or Model Y, all you have to do is use this link to find suitable locations near you.

There you can enter your current location in the "Enter location" field and you will immediately receive the closest options from which you can then select one for your vehicle. In the event of an accident repair, it is common for the nearest Tesla Body Shop to get the Tesla repair order.

Does Tesla have its own workshops?

If the Tesla approved body shops are independent companies, the question naturally arises as to whether Tesla itself also operates workshops.

Yes, as already mentioned, warranty cases are usually processed and repaired by either the Tesla Service Center or the mobile service team - the Tesla Rangers. The exception is repairs to the vehicle body. However, the Tesla Body Shop name is used exclusively by third-party vendors. Not from Tesla itself.

What is the difference between a Tesla Service Center and a Tesla Body Shop?

The differences can be summarized as follows:

  • The Tesla Service Center is operated by Tesla itself, a Tesla approved body shop is an independent company that is trained and certified by Tesla

  • The Tesla Service Center does not deal with damage or work on the body, this is where the certified Tesla workshops come into play

  • You can easily book an appointment at the service center using the Tesla app; this is not possible with the Body Shop

Do I have to have the tire changed at the Tesla Body Shop?

Tesla tire change

No, a tire change on your vehicle is also possible at an independent workshop without any problems, you don't have to resort to the body shops for this. However, you should definitely call the workshop of your choice beforehand to see if they also change Tesla tires.

It is important that the workshop that carries out the tire change on your Tesla knows where to jack up a Tesla. If you want to make sure everything runs smoothly, we recommend using jack pads. You can buy these from Tesla Outfitters . The thick rubber protects the body from any damage.

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