Tesla Bad Weather Accessories

Tesla Bad Weather Accessories

When you are on the road with your Tesla Model Y or Model 3, the weather doesn't always cooperate. To prevent the interior of your vehicle from getting unnecessarily dirty and worn out due to the weather, you should use the right Tesla bad weather accessories.

In this article, we introduce you to useful bad weather accessories that protect your Tesla all around. You can find all the accessories on our website at tesla-outfitters.de

All-Weather Rubber Mats

Model 3 Highland Trunk Mat REMAt

The footwell of your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 is particularly susceptible to dirt and wear in bad weather. You should definitely use all-weather rubber mats that are precisely tailored for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

These mats are made of high-quality material that is not only durable but also easy to clean. A complete mat set that covers the footwell and trunk offers the best value for money and provides comprehensive protection.

Rubber Inserts for Door Pockets

A frequent companion in rainy weather is the wet umbrella. It often ends up in the door pockets, which are lined with felt in both the Model Y and the new Model 3 Highland. The felt absorbs moisture and gets dirty, making it difficult to clean.

Rubber inserts for all four doors solve this problem. They are easy to clean and protect the door pockets from moisture and dirt. The inserts are available for the Model Y and the 2024 Model 3 Highland.

Side Trunk Compartments

The side trunk compartments are also lined with fabric, making them dirt traps that are hard to wash. Removable inserts made of recycled TPE material, on the other hand, are easy to wash and provide the best protection against wear and tear in the side compartment.

Even wet rain jackets and similar items do not bother the inserts for the side trunk compartments in the Model Y and Model 3. This keeps your trunk clean and dry, no matter how bad the weather is outside.

Kicksaver Seat Protectors

Tesla Seat Protector Anti Kick

Especially when children or frequent passengers sit in the back of the vehicle, the backs of the front seats quickly wear out and get dirty. The soft plastic of the seat shell is also easily scratched, and these scratches cannot be removed.

A anti kick seat protector that is attached around the plastic cover of the seats protects against all these dangers from bad weather and careless entry and exit. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes. Therefore, this product should be in every Tesla.

Trunk Edge Protector

When loading and unloading your Model Y or Model 3, the trunk edge can easily get scratched, whether by suitcases or drink crates. A trunk edge protector is the ideal solution to prevent such damage.

The Model 3 trunk edge protector is especially important because Tesla has again lined the trunk edge with fabric. However, the plastic on the trunk edge of the Model Y also gets scratched easily, so you should also use such a protector on the Model Y.

Charging Cable Bag

Tesla Charging Cable Bag

When charging your Tesla, the Type 2 cable often lies on the dirty and wet ground. To prevent this dirt from getting back into the car when you pack up the cable, a charging cable bag is recommended. It is waterproof and can be easily washed. This way, the dirt does not spread inside the car.

As Tesla accessory experts, we have been using hundreds of products for years and receive valuable feedback from our customers, which then flows into further development. So if you have any questions about Tesla accessories, write to us or subscribe to us on YouTube and simply comment on our videos.

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